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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Concerned With Trevor Bauer’s Spin Rate Dip

The foreign substance crackdown in coming to Major League Baseball. And while the hope is that the Dodgers don’t get hurt by it at all, there are at least some numbers that jump out recently. Some of those numbers have come from Trevor Bauer. 

Bauer has obviously been at the forefront of speaking out against the league for not cracking down. But his jump in spin rates and climb up the ranks of MLB starting pitchers has certainly brought up questions. But the Dodgers didn’t seem too concerned with it given the massive contract they gave him this past offseason. 

It’s worth noting that over the last few starts, Bauer’s spin rate has taken a tumble. It’s all coincided with the supposed crackdown and a few bad starts from the Dodgers pitcher. But after the game Saturday, Dave Roberts said that he was not concerned about it.

I’m not concerned about it. I think it just comes down to making pitches.

Bauer’s spin on his 4-seam fastball was down over 200 rpm from his season average on Saturday night. His cutter was down 134 rpm and his slider was down over 100. Part of that is probably why the Dodgers pitcher had such a tough time landing pitches throughout the night. 

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With everything going on in baseball, fans are going to connect his dip to the recent foreign substance issue. Whether or not that is accurate is anyone’s guess at this point. But regardless, a dip like that should be concerning for the Dodgers right now.

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  1. Roberts will never say the real truth of the matter.He’s corporate Dave! The other guy that should be answering these questions and why he signed Sticky Fingers Bauer is Analytics Friedman.Knowing that Sticky’s career without the sticky stuff was nothing but average.Way to spend Dodger money on this hack and way to offend true Cy Young award winners like Koufax,Drysdale,Newcomb,Valenzuela,Kershaw etc.

  2. Maybe Bauer needs to cut down the pitch count. When he wasn’t throwing 100+ pitches, he was much better. Just sayin…

  3. I don’t believe in coincidences. Crackdown on the substance use at the same time Bauer starts looking pretty pedestrian. Still getting srtikeouts, but a lot of hit balls are really barrelled up and he seems to be struggling to find the strike zone on a consistent basis thereby throwing a whole lot of pitches.

  4. So maybe Roberts and Dodgers are finding out the hard way that Bauer is not the pitcher everyone thought he was or even will be.. Seems Roberts is just covering it up for him right now.

  5. This guy is humiliating for us with the way he talks and acts, now Watch him go back to his career 4 ERA and have nothing to back up his behavior

    1. And all this is why Dodgers WILL NOT repeat as WS Champs and could miss October all together. Just look at the lineup for Sunday’s game. And much of this lies on Robert’s doorstep but also Freidman’s as well. Bauer? Thankfully his contract is not a lengthy one. Especially because as of now Bauer has apparently seen his better days.

  6. Dave Roberts isn’t concerned about ANYTHING ! Must be wonderful to have that much job security. Worse manager in baseball !

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