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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Disappointed With Cody Bellinger’s Throw Decision

Monday night was not the way that the Dodgers were hoping to start their series against the Giants. Only earning 2 hits against Giants’ starter Logan Webb, Los Angeles put up just 1 run and dropped the game in a very disappointing ending. 

Cody Bellinger airmailed a ball in the 8th inning that resulted in the Giants taking the lead. With 2 runners on, Bellinger got the out at first on a grounder and tried to get Buster Posey at third. Instead, he sent the ball sailing into the third base net and the Dodgers fell behind a run. 

But despite that errant throw, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts didn’t seem too upset with the decision. Doc spoke after the game about what he saw and how he thought Muncy cutting in front of Bellinger changed things. 

I looked at it actually and Muncy got kind of caught in the crossfire with the pump fake after the exchange. I think that upon release, he saw Muncy a little bit and kind of overshot it. Cody obviously has the arm strength and a very accurate arm, so it’s one of those plays that was surprising to everybody. 

Bellinger probably could have gotten the other runner out and left it up to Blake Treinen to get the third out. But he saw a chance to cut down the lead runner and the DOdgers paid for it. When asked if he thought Bellinger was being a little greedy on the play, Doc sounded like he didn’t want to take away his aggressive instinct. 

I’ll tell your this. It’s hard because if he would have made an accurate throw and gets him, it’s a great play. …I don’t want to second guess just because he made an errant throw. He has really good instincts defensively, and it’s just one of those things that didn’t work out. 

In reality, the Dodgers went 1-for-4 with runners in scoring position and left 5 men on base. They collected just 6 hits the whole night and squandered every opportunity they had to score runs. 

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So while it is easy to place blame on Bellinger, the Dodgers offense was the real villain on Tuesday night. They’ll look to bounce back against Anthony DeSclafani tonight as Walker Buehler takes the mound. 

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  1. We used to hear of Lasorda pumping the team up with speeches or having them take extra fielding etc. Now all we hear is blather about Jansen and Belli being close to acceptable. I say grow a pair and hold these professionals accountable, they’ll respect themselves more, and we’ll respect you more.

  2. Roberts really needs to go. Belli needs to be traded somewhere. Trading him or including him in a deal for Berrios and Buxton. Have been a fan of Bellinger since he came up, but lately I am beginning to wonder if he is the brightest bulb in the room. Throw should have never been made, he had time to get runner going to second or better yet the runner should have been tagged out and so what if they lose the out at first. They take a runner out of scoring position and the double play remains in order. Lot of frustration going on now.

  3. Understandably, in his desire to get the DP, Muncy, instead of chasing the runner back towards 1st base and losing the DP opportunity, threw to 1st for the out. But he made a questionable decision. In that situation you want to get the lead runner, especially since he would be in scoring position if he makes it to 2nd base. Muncy should have tagged the runner for the sure out and even if that’s the only out, there’s still a DP opportunity to end the inning with the next batter up with runners on 1st and 3rd. However, what made the play for the Giants was alert base running by Yaz, who stopped on a dime, avoiding running into a tag by Muncy and then retreating towards 1st just quickly enough so that Muncy could not reach out and tag him. In another recent win over the Dodgers, it was a great jump off 1st by a Giants base runner to get to 2nd base more quickly than expected, resulting in the botched force out attempt that contributed to costing the Dodgers the game. It’s executing the “little things” that have separated the Dodgers and Giants this season.

    1. Muncy could have run him all the way back to first if hs had to for the sure out while keepong an eye out on the lead runner. I’ve seen him make other poor decisions re runners. They just need to talk to him, show him how to defend the basepaths. If you stand right in the basepath that runner has no where to go.

      1. Max is a lost cause in the INF. Yes he could have run him back and kept an eye on the lead runner. But to run right in front of Cody as he unleashes his throw was lame! Dodger bats lost this game however, or stated another way – Gnat pitching won this game

        1. One thing appears certain and that is those Giants minor leaguers called up to their active roster have they can hit, while every Dodger from the minors called up has shown they can’t hit or just aren’t ready for MLB. But when a team has the last and lowest draft picks, that may be a reason. No matter what Dodgers are missing those contributions they got from Kike and Joc last year for this year so far.

          1. sure neither one hit >.250 and CT3 is hitting .280 or so! Having to play everyday due to injuries throughout the roster

  4. Roberts has become this club’s after-loss apologist. When the team loses, it is never anyone’s fault, just the way the ball bounces (or in this case went into shallow orbit). This year’s performance against the Giants as well as the other teams, has done nothing to show that the Dodger’s talent on paper, is showing up on the field. Moreover, Robert’s laid back approach to managing/watching has done nothing to inspire confidence that things will be any better any time soon.

    1. I don’t recall other Dodger Managers citing a player’s error as the fault. Why would you do that? Team sports require 100% trust and buy-in from the coaches and players. Walt and Tommy never did that.

      1. Tommy sure as heck did do exactly that. I was at a game in Candlestick and during warm ups Sax was airmailing balls into the stands behind first regularly. Tommy came out of the dugout (our seats were near the Dodger dugout) and was yelling lots of expletives and deleteds from the dugout to 2nd base. He then stood out there hollering at Sax about throwing the @#$@#$ ball to first for about 10 or 15 minutes.

        During the game during a possible double play Sax airmailed the ball into the stands. You could hear Tommy’s curses and calling out Sax very clearly. That was one of the things players seemed to understand about Tommy, how he felt about your play was crystal clear.

        1. yes to the player directly. but not in a news conference. doc and the coaches work with their players as well, just not in public

      2. OH YEAH !!! Ask Bulldog how he got his nickname and many other stories about ‘ol Tommy. I always liked Lasorda, he doesn’t shoot the bull…..he reminded me of a coach I had that taught me tough love and made me a better man.

        1. Tommy is my all-time favorite Dodger Mgr easily. but he never dressed players down on the air – radio or tv. He nicknamed Orel ‘Bulldog’, because Orel was insecure. Not to impugn his character

          1. Lasorda even criticized Garvey publicly and calling Orel to be a Bulldog is exactly calling out his character.

  5. Of course Roberts is disappointed with Bellinger, He is not disappointed about anything ! We the true baseball fans are the one that totally disappointed with this so called manager and the way the team is ran. Bellinger has been killing out team with his bat, now he’s gonna help us with his glove. Get rid of Roberts and Bellinger .

  6. I was not upset with Belli’s decision to make that throw (it was a great decision)…but I was disappointed with the actual throw. Also disappointed with the inability to score runs wrisp…which had more to do with the loss.

    Just my view….

  7. Get rid of this guy while you can! His return is shrinking every day. Don’t get stuck with him long term like the Yankees with Stanton. I hope Mookie doesn’t stick us for the next 12 years!

    1. I have an idea that might help….why don’t Dodgers figure out a way to get Posey once in a while? It’s like he knows exactly what and when certain pitches will come and he adjusts,while Dodger pitchers seem not to know how to adjust to him. Amazing. Watch Posey get 2 orc3 more hits tonight to help Giants win the game.

      1. It’s the pitch calling and set-up by Smith that is repetitive and predictable. Also by watching the pitcher’s confidence in pitch/setup called, Barnes seem to have a better relationship than Smith. Take notice the difference in frequency of shake-offs, signs start-over, and time out conferences, Just saying…..

        1. exactly – all these fanatics wanting Will to catch every game don’t know or don’t care he calls a mediocre game. Dodgers missing so many hitters throughout the season Will has to play more. but come the playoffs and everyone healthy, then you’ll see Austin behind the dish. BTW he hit the game winning HR the other day when the entire Dodger offense was asleep!

          1. Yes, I think he’s your best PH off the bench. Barnes have come through @ times in the clutch w/ a hit or home run when the rest of the team is struggling. Although he is not everybody’s favorite, he provides stability behind the plate and confidence for the pitchers. BTW, remember in the WS last yr.; it was his hit in that infamous 6th inning that knocked Snell out of the game and eventually hustling to score the tieing run ?

  8. I’ve said it before and now will do so again:
    Some managers have what it take
    And some managers like Robrrts just have excuses!!!!!!!
    It should be clear by last night’s continued poor offensive showing by Dodgers that they won’t be division winners this year. Giants have a better team and so do the Padres and we have all watched to see those reasons why. Roberts and his managing leave a lot to be desired.

    1. “It should be clear by last night’s continued poor offensive showing by Dodgers that they won’t be division winners this year.” Then why are you here? Is there ever anything you like about the Dodgers? I don’t know soul that proclaims the #2 team in the league with 2 all-stars on the IL and coming back soon, won’t win their division. I’m going to say right now – Dodgers will win the division as long as they have their front-line starters for 6 weeks before playoffs start.

      1. I’m here hoping that Dodgers can overcome all the injury issues and prove me wrong and actually go out and win aback to back WS. Yankees were last team to repeat over 2 decades ago.

  9. Roberts missed his calling. He should be in politics since he can spin every serious issue and negative problem into a non factor. This team needs a no nonsense, hold his players accountable manager & he’s the complete opposite. He wants to be liked and not hurt anyone’s feelings. He’s the wrong guy and allowing a team that should be dominating to be acceptably mediocre. You screw up or don’t perform (Bellinger) you don’t keep making the same mistake every single game. AAA has no talent, try Tulsa or even GL. How can they possibly do worse than Raley, Neuse, Reks etc

    1. Exactly! Just like last week when they had them loaded with none out bottom of the 9th. The offense as a whole is offensive to put it mildly

    2. They could have already have a run and taken the lead before that. Raley getting a hit
      ( hurray ), @ the start of the 8th, Z. Mck. ( a struggling hitter) comes up to ph; why not sac. bunt Raley over w/ the hot CT3 on deck; then you have a row of your better hitters following for a rally. CT3’s double would have brought Raley in from 2nd and the outcome might have been different w/ the big bats coming up and have Rogers w/ McGee on the ropes. The outcome of the bottom 8th would not have happened. Game won.

      1. American League station to station baseball. It’s all quite clear in the psychocybernuetics analytics! Actually scoring runs when runners are in scoring position is not a valid metric. Very frustrating to see these guys missing countless chances to push a run across.

    1. Exactly, Dodger 106W Bad throw or no bad throw by Bellinger, last night’s game was again lost by an offense that’s so repeatedly pathetic it’s not even funny!.

  10. Wow. Roberts putting the blame on Bellinger’s throw because Max was in the way? That’s like the Republicans blaming the Jan 6th insurrection on Pelosi. True, Max should have run down the baserunner but what we are talking about is the poor throw of Bellinger. Maybe he thought he was in right field.

  11. Cody Bellinger has had a terrible swing for almost 6 months now. He should be sent down to Oklahoma where he can work on his swing basics

    1. Maybe this article will remind a few folks that the Bellinger narrative of his Defensive presence far exceeds his lack of offence as the reasoning for his entitlement on the roster, while Beaty ROTS in the minors…

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