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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Praises Corey Seager’s Play This Postseason

The Dodgers have enjoyed a great run so far in October, and a big part of that has been the resurgence of Corey Seager.

After a string of injury-plagued seasons, Seager has enjoyed an MVP-caliber year and has been one of the most important players for LA. Don’t just take my word for it though, Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts has seen it too.

As the Dodgers start their series against the Atlanta Braves for the right to play in the 2020 World Series, Roberts spoke with the media and had some high praise for his All-Star shortstop.

The defense obviously. He’s playing fantastic defense, but on the offensive side, one thing you’re looking at [is] the base running, taking extra bases.. I think that every single at-bat he’s taking in the postseason, he’s taking like it’s his last. And if there’s gonna throw him strikes, he’ll offer at if [they don’t], he’s willing to take first base.

Roberts has had an up-close look at how impressive Seager has been all season long, but the postseason can sometimes alter any momentum that players built up over the regular season. In the case of Corey Seager, he had a .364 batting average against the Padres in the NLDS, a step up compared to his modest .307 average during the 60-game regular season.

Having a player who can hit consistently is one thing, but Seager has taken his offense to the next level here in the playoffs. In addition to his 5 hits, he has taken a walk 4 times this postseason. With the small ball that LA has displayed here in October, those walks are just as important to their success compared to his hits.

Dave said it best:

Corey is a hit collector, he likes to get hits. But I think that understanding in the postseason it’s about getting on base, really I don’t think anyone is doing that any better than he is.

If the Dodgers are to win their first title since the 80’s, Corey Seager will need to continue to produce at the plate. With former MVP’s like Betts and Bellinger on the roster, it seems small-minded to consider someone else as the Team’s X-factor, yet that’s exactly what Seager is. These next few weeks will go a long way in catapulting Corey Seager as a top-5 player in baseball again.

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  1. Hopefully, the Dodgers do the right thing and re-sign him. He’s comfortable here in LA, don’t know what you would be getting in the other free agents for shortstops. Enough for me for MVP !

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