Dodgers: Dave Roberts Says it’s Time to Move On From Astros Scandal

As February arrives, usually it means one thing for baseball fans… baseball. However, this February has been much different. With the feel of an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, drama stemming from the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal has given networks (and websites) enough daily bulletin board material to last a lifetime.

From players battling each other through the media to the commissioner completely de-valuing the World Series trophyyou know, the Commissioner’s Trophy — fans and players all over are making it abundantly clear:

They’re not happy with the Astros punishment, the players involved, the attempted apology by the organization, and now commissioner Rob Manfred.

And for Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, while he’s happy his players are passionate about the transgressions of the Astros, he also concedes that it’s time to move on.

Everyone has their right to kind of voice their thoughts and opinions, but I do think that at the end of the day it’s very important for all of us to come together and move on and look forward to 2020.

Notably, Roberts said that before Manfred went on his personal self-destruction tour on Sunday. Still for the LA manager, he chose to take the high road with the commissioner’s comments calling the World Series trophy a “piece of metal.” (It’s important to note that Roberts had just become aware of the comments during the media availability).

I missed that one… He said that one? I think that he understands the value and what it signifies, I do think that.

One area where Dave Roberts hit the nail on the head is when he answered the question “what will it take to get this to settle down — what has to happen here?” Doc was simple and to the point. “Time.”

Tuesday marks the first official full-squad workout for the club. Prior to field work, the organization, lead by Roberts, will host its annual welcoming meeting for the more than 60 players in major league camp. When asked what his message will be, Doc said it’s honestly “TBD” with the Astros noise still swirling. In all likelihood, one note will be to put the past behind and look completely to 2020.

Of course, that will likely still take time.

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  1. I agree with Dave. Some of our players need to bear down on themselves to get better. Our MVP, Cody Bellinger, had an atrocious time at the plate in 2017 WS, and 2018 WS, batting .043 and .063 respectively, and only hit .219 this past post season. That’s not because of sign stealing. Time to bear down. Dodgers need his bat come playoffs and world series, if they’re to win one.

    1. I concur 1000%. Those 2017 Dodgers flat out choked in the World Series.

      Chris Taylor: hit a HR on 1st pitch of Game 1 then he was never the same player again.

      JT: said injury was the reason he underperformed, but he looked pretty mighty in that walkoff HR Game 2 of the NLCS. Yawn…excuses excuses

      Kershaw: Game 5 disaster.

      Stripling: Came in for relief couldn’t throw one strike. Faced on batter with 4 straight balls.

      Kenley Jansen: career defining moment in Game 2, gave up HR to Marwin Gonzalez that shattered his invincibility and confidence, all downhill for Jensen ever since.

      Kike: pulled an invisible man after hitting 3 HRs in clinching game of NLCS.

      Curtis Granderson: why they even traded for this baffled everyone.

      Hi Darvish: 5 runs he gave up in first inn Games 7 at home lol.

  2. That’s one of the things that’s wrong with this society of today people aren’t held accountable for their actions and they just want to move on bull s— if they cheated then they should be held accountable and be punished for what they did PETE ROSE was and so should they this game is to precious for our young kids and they should be taught right from wrong and not just move on.

  3. Manfred must be taking his queues from the NFL’s Roger Goodell! After all, the Patriots, er Cheatriots, were allowed to keep their first three “championships” after Spygate, and another one after Deflategate. For the real record books, they only won two championships fairly.

    Manfred thinks that this will pass and everyone will move on. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!

  4. Agree with Roberts. As tough as it is to have this all sink in, we all must move on towards 2020 and I think the Dodgers will use this as motivation for 2020 and the perfect ending would be to have Cody hoisting up the 2020 WS trophy as the WS MVP.

  5. Yes it’s time for dodger players to move on but everyone else needs to keep it going until something is done. Any team that plays the Astros needs to bully them relentlessly all year including opposing fans

      1. Don and Bum4ever, I concur but this still could get even more ugly before it gets better. By that I mean if Manfred suspends a pitcher or pitchers for throwing near or hitting an Astro player, all havoc will brake loose because those guys thus would get punished while Manfred allows Astro players off scott free. Don’t think for a minute MLBPA won’t file some grievance or an appeal to this. IDK but what’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander in my book.

  6. Easier said then done to move on if your a Dodger. Once the Dodgers win the 2020 WS we might be able to somewhat move on. I don’t think it will hurt the Dodgers to play with a little anger and spite. Take nothing for granted this year, not one pitch. Come on big blue let’s do this!!!!!!!!!!

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