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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks About Chris Taylor’s Postseason Clutch Factor

Stars are born under the bright lights of the postseason every year. Some have the moments of their lives, usually ones that will stand the test of time. Corey Seager did so during the 2020 NLCS and World Series as he crushed 8 home runs during that postseason en route to a World Series.

While most players will only have one or two moments or one postseason where they shine, others such as Chris Taylor shine every time they’re on the game’s biggest stage. Dave Roberts talked about how he’s become one of those players who delivers in the playoffs. 

“He’s one of them. The first pitch home run of [Dallas] Kuechel in the World Series in ’17, the two-out hit versus [Justin] Verlander, the big hit back then. It’s just, you see it. He’s had big hits time and time again in big spots.”

Taylor came through once again as he helped keep the Dodgers season alive. In the Dodgers’ 11-2 victory over the Braves, he went 4-5 with 3 home runs and 6 RBI. He was also the man responsible for helping the Dodgers escape the Wild Card Game with a 2-run walk-off home run. 

The fans in attendance recognized the greatness they were witnessing first hand which prompted a curtain call from the man himself.

“Anytime you do something cool, when you do it at Dodger Stadium it makes it that much sweeter. This is a special place and these fans are awesome. For it to happen for the first time on this stage in front of this crowd was a special moment.”

Taylor revealed that these moments are ones he’ll always cherish. 

“I’ve said it before, this is why you play the game. When you look back at all these years playing for the Dodgers, it’s all these big postseason games that are the most special to me.”

For a guy who finished off the regular season with only 8 hits in his last 72 at-bats, he sure knows how to turn things around. The Dodgers will need Taylor to continue to come through in big spots as they chip away at their series deficit. 

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  1. Adam, a tremendous grasp of the obvious lol.

    But it never hurts to remind of the greatness we are witnessing.

  2. It is beyond me that the FO has not yet signed Taylor to an extension. This is one of our free agents that is an imperative resign. They should lock him up for at least 4 years. If he walks that will create a huge hole that will be beyond difficult to fill.

    1. Harry, a real head scratcher for sure. Wtf are they waiting on? I bet had they acted sooner than this postseason, they would have saved themselves a few million or 50 lol! How in the world do you not sign him? He’s Dodger Royalty for gosh sakes!

    2. I’m sure that they will sign him to play left field. Pollock I believe has a club option for next year. They will probably deny it and let him go.

      1. No AJ has a player option and will return. CT3 will fill in wherever needed. He’ll be resigned unlike Kike last year.

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