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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Unsure if Los Angeles Needs to Make Moves Ahead of the Trade Deadline

The Dodgers are already in the middle of a weird enough year as it is. Add in the fact that MLB’s trade deadline is just 9 days away and things start to feel very strange. The league moved back the deadline to August 31st as part of the 60-game season plan implemented to start the season. 

Roberts talked with Dodgers media members ahead of Friday night’s game and was asked about the deadline. Doc was asked how conversations with President of Baseball Operations have been this year approaching the deadline as opposed to last year. 

Considerably less. This is sort of sneaking up on me. Probably not so much Andrew and his staff. But I don’t know if it’s the lack of anticipation, the lack of need when you look at our ballclub. But obviously Andrew and the baseball ops guys, they’re going to be kicking tires til the end and seeing if there’s anything on the margins that we can get better. I can’t sit here and say what we need or what I think because I think because I think we’re in a good spot. 

Offensively, the Dodgers rank as one of the best teams in baseball in run production. Sure they don’t hit all that well against left-handed pitching, but they’re still also waiting for key guys to find their swing.

The Dodgers also rank number one in staff ERA in the National League. Their bullpen is solid thanks to a few unexpected contributors, and their starting rotation has rally started to find their groove. So really, what’s left to add?

Roberts admitted that he felt the Dodgers were in a really good spot, and their record would also back that up. This short season has flown by, and the trade deadline snuck up on us all. 

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    1. Go with what you have. This is the best team in baseball. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  1. No reason to trade…Great players at the alternative site and on the Farm.
    The team has the best record in baseball and Bellinger has been slow to get going and Muncy has been terrible with a avg in the low .160’s.
    Betts has of course shined as has Seager, Barnes is now batting close to .300 and last night he made sure to pick up the runner from 3rd with a long fly ball.
    Hats off to the new pitching coach Pryor his staff leads the league. No one wanted Honey to retire but I think we are in good hands with Pryor.
    Pollock has played well.
    Graterol, May, Gonsolin and Urias are all getting needed experience and will get better. Things look great.
    Always concerned about their lack of offense against left-handers. Pollock and Turner have not hit well against them. With Betts, Turner, Pollock and Hernandez one would think the team should hit well against the left side.
    Will Smith and Barnes are right handed perhaps they can help with the offense.
    Looking forward to watching Big Red tonight. I am not sure which Rookie will become more dominant May or Gonsolin. May certainly has incredible stuff but Gonsolin so far has simply shut teams down and has not allowed a run his splitter and fastball are devastating.
    Good Times

    1. I disagree. Go big and trade for another ace. We have plenty of extra prospects to deal. I’d hold on to Rios, but I’d trade Lux in a deal for deGrom. Win a &^%*% title now.

      1. The Dodgers should have traded Lux during the off-season when his stock was high and they could have got top players/prospects for him like Lindor. Now he’s not even on the roster, and seems to have attitude problem. His stock is pretty low right now. I don’t know what you’d get for him now, but I’m sure it’s a lot less than before.

  2. With the kind of moves Friedman typically makes in season I’d say no please don’t we don’t need any Tyler Whites or Curtis Grandersons. There’s no need for a blockbuster either. We got a pretty good system this year don’t mess with guys at bats by bringing in unneeded hack. This is the best run roster since Guggenheim took over we have just the right guys on the bench and starting not too much platooning and the pitching leads in ERA. I like what I saw from Buehler that’s exciting

  3. Just bring Gonsolin back one of the best pitchers on the staff and young please don’t screw with his mind Woods is a train wreck waiting to happen.

  4. The Dodgers may have one of the best teams if not the best but things break down at one point or another either physically or mentally. There can be a breakdown in dugout management or top management and or player management and player ability. It’s a lot for a manager to keep an eye on, too many things and he needs the help of his coaches and players. A manager can’t read minds. how many times has a player kept trying to play when he’s injured? Too many times. How many times has a player had personal issues that bother his playing? Probably quite a few times. At times it shows at their at-bats other times it shows on their defense. Players need to rest now and then whether they want it or not. It’s not a punishment, it’s something that needs to be done for the team. For example Rios, he pulled a hammy, they looked at him and questioned him, he stayed in and couldn’t run to home plate fast enough. Players need to be honest not feel sorry later. Sorries don’t cut it too many times.

  5. I am not expecting any trades at all, nor do I feel any are needed – especially a blockbuster. Like the other comments I see here, we are stacked at every level and other than a few slow starts, are in a very good position right now.

    Instead, I would like to see some moves though. I really feel Muncy has to get some time off, IL or just days off, to heal his hand. I see him struggling and while his injury might not be the biggest issue with him, I just can’t see that some rest will do him some good. Get 100% and have a look from the bench for a few days. Surprising how that works most of the time.

    Also, I hope that at some point, Roberts learns how to trust his starters a little more, especially the younger ones. Urias(!), May, Gonsolin(!) & even Bueller all need experience more than anything else. Let them all try and figure out how to work their way out of jams and get into the later innings. Let them throw 100+ pitches regularly and save the bullpen.

    I don’t know but these might be trivial worries on my part. I just want to see my Dodgers keep on winning and eventually bring home that championship.

  6. Pitching still needs fine tuning Buehler , Kershaw, Urias, need another Real Good Pitcher injuries NEVER STAY AWAY, especially in playoffs..

  7. I’d trade Wood for ANY prospect. Dodgers need a catcher still that can swing the bat. How important Price is right now. He was the exact answer to the only need. How about trade Price for Syndergaurd. ………………

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