Dodgers: Why All-Stars Snubs Could Benefit Turner, Jansen, Buehler in the Long Run

Despite having one of the best records in baseball, the Dodgers had several deserving players not make the 2021 NL All-Star team. Closer Kenley Jansen, third baseman Justin Turner, and starter Walker Buehler have All-Star caliber stats. Those three key players not making the Midsummer Classic could be beneficial for the entire Dodger club.

At times this season, the Dodgers have looked complacent. The Dodgers have lacked intensity and focus in the last two series against the Padres. In their four-game series against Miami this week, the Dodgers’ lackadaisical execution of fundamental baseball produced three losses.

For the last few years, the Dodgers have been fueled by coming up short in October. There’s no replicating that kind of drive. That kind of fire. The gold standard of a chip on the shoulder.

One thing that might come close is having three stars omitted from the All-Star roster. Stars that are performing at an All-Star level. Not starters (fan vote) nor reserves (player and commissioner office vote).

Kenley Jansen is third in saves (20) and voters historically love counting stats for relievers. He also owns a 1.27 ERA. Jansen didn’t make the All-Star team.

Turner has the second-highest OPS among third baseman in the majors (.886) and leads the position in batting average (.303). Turner didn’t make the All-Star team.

Walker Buehler owns the ninth-lowest ERA amongst NL starters (2.49). For the traditionalists, he’s sixth in wins (8). Buehler didn’t make the All-Star team.

Final All-Star Thoughts

All three Dodger All-Star snubs should, can, and will use it as motivation to continue to push themselves and this team. Past injuries, past losing streaks, and more importantly, past the Giants and the Padres.

Chris Taylor, Mookie Betts, and Maxy Muncy should be celebrated for their performances.

All-Star selections are great.

Back-to-back championships?

Now that would be even better.

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Eric Eulau

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    1. No, he has already been pushed for more innings pitch in his career. I’ve said this when the ballot 1st came out that we should not vote for any of our Dodgers in. With the amount of injuries and ailments they have this year, they should opt out if invited and rest, recoup, and rehab their bodies for the stretch to the postseason. The game is meaningless in the thin air of Colorado which could affect their bodies for days, plus the Dodgers already are starting the 2nd season @ Colorado—- no need to stress their stars even more (esp. Jansen). Some other stars are also pulling out, so you only have wannabes playing in a exhibition game. But next year, the ASG will be @ Dodger Stadium so that is when we should be supporting the Boys in Blue w/ full enthusiasm.

  1. Rest up Dodgers – we’re going to need that extra energy in the stretch drive. Enjoy the 4 days off next week!

  2. Buehler scheduled to start Saturday — he would not pitch in All Star game any way. Turner will be named when other position players withdraw. Jansen? If asked he may say “thanks, but no…”

    1. Turner? He hardly plays for the Dodgers already——his legs are shot, his arm is weary and he’s looking old and sluggish—— take a break and get re-energized. All of them except CT3, should say “No Thanks”. However, CT3 deserve the recognition for his accomplishments. Fans across the nation needs to know how he persevered to this point in his career. Good for guys like CT3, Muncy, and Rich Hill.

      1. c’mon man. have you seen JT’s stats? do you know among 15 NL 3rd baseman where he sits? He’s fine he plays 5 to 6 games a week, and leads this team.

        1. I understand his offensive numbers are okay but not spectacular, I’m talking about being an All-Star. The players’ all- around game must be premium for his position. His defense can be spotty, ie.1) not fielding cleanly thrown balls 2) weak inaccurate flip throws 3) limited range on shifts because of weak legs and arm. Offensively, he can hustle more on hits and x-tra base hits, but I understand his hamstring and knee troubles can reoccur anytime. That is why Doc is aware he needs days off and get pulled out of games occasionally. Although he is a solid player, but I would rather see he take the time off and reboot.

  3. I agree with taking a break players. I mean you lost 3 games to the revitalize Miami Marlins. Strike thats up to being the World Series Champs which means, every team weather last place or first place is going to play their best. So just expect it L A Boys. I can’t wait to play the Dodgers cause we have something to prove. We can beat these guys and were going to show you. Miami Marlins Beat the Dodger 3 out of 4. Thats just the way it is. Stop losing Dodgers

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