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Dodgers: Did Fans Throwing Stuff on the Field Mess With Walker Buehler?

The Dodgers and Astros’ first game in front of fans in LA since the cheating scandal broke was everything we expected. Fans packed out Chavez Ravine and let Houston players from the 2017 team let them know exactly how they felt. 

For most of the game, Dodgers fans took every opportunity to get into the heads of Astros players. It didn’t really work though since they walked away with the shutout win. But that didn’t stop fans from throwing back foul balls hit by Houston players, tossing blow-up garbage cans onto the field, and stopping play far more than what we’re used to seeing. 

Walker Buehler labored to 113 pitches through 6 innings of work in an unusually inefficient outing. But that didn’t stop the Dodgers hurler from holding the Astros to 1 run. After the game, i asked Will Smith if he thought that the constant stoppages can mess with a pitcher trying to find his rhythm. 

Yeah. I mean it was definitely hard to get Walker in a rhythm, with so many timeouts and clearing the field of debris and stuff. But yeah, it seems like every foul ball there was a ball coming back on the field and Walker had to deal with it.  I thought he did a really good job of not letting that annoy him too much. But that does affect the game and makes it hard for a pitcher to get in a rhythm. 

Dave Roberts initially said that he was impressed that the distractions did not change Buehler’s performance. He followed that up by saying that the things being thrown out onto the field were untimely. The Dodgers pitcher certainly looked as though he wasn’t happy with play stopping when he was on the mound, and rightfully so. 

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So while Buehler did get it together and pitch a very good game on Tuesday, pauses in the game certainly didn’t help. Don’t expect much different on Wednesday though, as Dodgers fans that didn’t get their chance to boo on Tuesday are sure to fill the seats. 

Stay safe out there! 

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  1. We all hate the Astros but throwing stuff on the field? Boo, display clever signs, and throw any HR balls back but don’t behave like Yankee fans. And I know what that behavior is because I live in the northeast.

  2. Had a feeling before the game last night that all the “emotion” would serve as a distraction and would be too much for the Dodgers’ offense. Of course, it just may be that McCullers being so dominant was the reason. It’s just one game and Betts and Seager have just come back to finally be in the lineup together, but the Dodgers have to show that this offense, now that it is whole, can score at least a few runs against the better teams. Even with T. Turner getting close to joining the team, I’ve said it before, as have others, that there seems to be a systemic issue this season with the Dodgers offense which so often does not generate more than a few hits and scores few runs in too many games against better competition.
    On paper, especially with T. Turner, this offense should be dynamite. But the Dodgers this season, so far, are too similar to several of the Dodger teams in recent years that came up short, to give you confidence they’ll repeat. Betts and Seager have to really step up the next 2 months and along with T. Turner, serve to super charge the offense.

    1. If the game was played on paper, the Dodgers would be a cinch to win the Series again. Unfortunately, despite having all the potential (on paper) it hasn’t translated into a consistent team offense since early in the season. If you believe the Dodgers have all the talent in their lineup that they need to win, and they aren’t winning, then it points to a motivational, focus and management problem. The fact is the club has been and continues to underperform. Perhaps they will collectively “snap out of it” but so far the needle isn’t moving in the right direction and Roberts seems clueless as to how to get things going. There’s an old adage that if something is working, don’t fix it. The opposite is also true, if its not working, fix it.

  3. I really think it’s past time for Dave Roberts to head out. He’s too afraid of hurting feelings and making tough decisions. We need a coach that’ll bench players who aren’t performing not coddle them.

  4. The lineup gets Seager and Mookie back and we still can’t hit consistently. I just can’t figure it out. At times, we make mediocre pitching look like Cy Young and against top notch arms, instead of stepping up, we go south. Not sure how to fix this. (Trea?) We have good hitters…it has to be the methodology.

  5. Instead of asking Smith if Buehler was affected by the delays.Why not ask Buehler?I enjoyed all of the fan interaction.Blow up trash cans,throwing back the foul balls and the f#@k Altuve chants!
    Dodger pitchers can now expect this and should embrace it!

  6. Dodger fans are hypocrites.
    Were not Betts and Price on Boston teams that were accused of, uh ……. cheating?
    Yet, LA signs both for king ransoms and fans drool all over both Price and Betts?

      1. Did I miss something or did MLB’s investigation uncover evidence that the Red Sox cheated during the 2018 World Series? We know for a fact that evidence supports the allegations that the Astros cheated during the 2017 World Series. Why a non Dodgers fan would spend time reading and replying on Dodgersnation seems a bit hypocritical to me…but troll on.

      2. Boo hoo, maybe you can throw more temper tantrums again , just like when you lost the WS on your own field!

        How come it is when the cheaters are playing for the dungers the fans don’t become the typical hypocrites they are and boo, cuss and trash your own field??

        I’d like to see pitchers hit dungers players and see how your fans feel. This may be tough to accept, but this is supposed to be a kids game to be enjoyed. Don’t ruin it by being a Jimmy Kimmel.

    1. That’s funny you get upset by your players getting hit by pitch.

      Hitting other players has been around since the beginning of the game, just like sign stealing.

      Did you ever think maybe it’s karma? If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

      Instead, your fans trash their own field and yell for an entire game. Brilliant, you just screwed your own team and looked like a bunch of little kids throwing a temper tantrum.

      One thing all of the “angry” fans, you lost on your home field during the World Series more than once. Deal with it.

      Maybe ,just maybe you were beaten by a better team that year? Maybe go watch some Little League games and learn how to root for your team and not try to belittle others??

      We were taught to win with class and to lose with class, neither of which any LA teams seem to possess today.
      It makes me long for the good old days of Showtime.

  7. Every time Gonzalez pitches he give up to many home runs. I guess it did not matter as we could not get any runs. We have witnessed on more than 5 times and before he went on the disable list. last year was last year. Forget about it.

  8. I was there last night. If one run over six innings is the fans “messing with Buehler” bringing it every time. What messed with Buehler was the Dodgers anemic offense.

  9. When Buelher left the game it was 1-0 so its not clear to me whether Buehler was, or was not, impacted by our fan base’s reactions to the Astros. I do know, however, that our offense could not produce for anything so it really does not matter.

  10. McCullers threw a great game, slightly better than Ferris. Tip your hat and move on. Dodgers should win tonight and pick up a game in the loss column. 4 games back in early August is nothing!

    1. I’m not tipping my hat to an Astro pitcher hitting 2 more of our players. For the Dodgers to win tonight they must put runs on the board because it will be tough to hold Astros to just 1 or 2 runs. What would your Dodger lineup be then for tonight’s game and do you keep Bellinger in it?

    1. All of the Dodger fans feel “cheated” , well guess what? Go back and actually learn the history of baseball and you will see that every team and player has and does cheat. Even the worshipped dodgers

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