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Dodgers Downplay the Added Importance of the Giants Series This Week

The Dodgers and Giants start a huge 4-game series tonight in Lo s Angeles. With just 1.5 games between the 2 teams in the NL West, this week could prove to be very important in deciding the order of the standings. 

On the year, the Dodgers carry a 6-3 record against the Giants. But San Francisco also carries the best record in Major League Baseball in 2021 so far. Obviously, both teams want to win these games, but players don’t seem to place any more value on them.

When asked about the upcoming series with the NL West rivals, Dodgers catcher Will Smith admitted the games were big. But he also didn’t think they were bigger than any of the games they had previously played. 

We’re playing the team that’s in first place in the division tomorrow so that’s always big. But I don’t think these 10 games are any bigger than the last 70, 75 — however many we have left.

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Dodgers manager Dave Roberts could only say that it was important to play good baseball. With the defensive miscues and lapses in judgment on the field recently, Los Angeles needed to have a clean series. 

It’s important just to play good baseball. Those guys have had a really nice year. I think it comes down to pitching, timely hitting and playing good defense. That’s the formula. When you’re playing a team you’re chasing, it’s important to win those games.

Both teams might say that these 4 games aren’t more important, but they’re tough to overlook. The Dodgers and Giants will play a total of 7 times over the next 10 games. After that, they won’t play until the beginning of September. 

Things could be heating up this week in LA. 

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  1. This philosophy would never ever work during the O’Malley years.
    This narrative is current Dodger bullshit
    Hope SF Sweeps !

  2. “Those guys have had a really nice year.” That pretty much sums it up (in a way to nice of a way), to me it sounds as if they have given up in a deflated manner.

  3. Baseball is a game of confidence – great hitters get out 70% of the time. Those players, coaches, etc. feeling less pressure will perform. Those feeling the pressure will not perform. So of course they are downplaying the series with the gnats. If they repeat it often enough, then go out and play hard and have fun, they will prevail. So I think the Dodgers despite the loss Sunday, know they won the series, gained ground on the gnats, have beat the gnats 6 out of 9 games so far this year, and will come out on top in this series. Don’t get low – don’t get high. Name any other team sport like this!! There ain’t one!!

    1. As far as team sports, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, they at least have the same playing rules all around. Unlike MLB having a DH in the AL, but not in the NL. For Dodgers to have a shot at even getting into the PS they WILL HAVE to address both the starting and BP situations. And Bellinger? IDK.

  4. To me these games are very meaningful. They have to win most of the games against the Giants because they will probably be playing them in order to get to the World Series. Establish who is the better team. Hopefully all of the injured players will be ready to go. They have won only 1 extra innings game. That has to improve!

    1. Absolutely agree. Although I am a die hard Dodgers fan, my husband is a Giants fan. Consequently, I have watched a lot of Giants ball over the years and can say with some degree of certainty that the Giants are (unfortunately) not going away anytime soon. I will say that its amazing how the Giants have not hit a slump like most teams do, and I was hoping that an overdue slump would happen while they played against us.So far no such luck, but do not forget that we did win the last series.

    2. It’s all too obvious that right now at least, the Giants are the better team and if not much changes with the Dodgers, they will miss October for the first time since 2012.

  5. Why not downplay it.. they know they lose.. so why do anything else…. never been as disipointed in any dodger teams as this one..and been a Dodger fan 49 years.. get rid of the butt head ROBERTS!!!!!!

    1. Ken, all I can say is AMEN! Roberts has contributed to several of this team’s losses this year. If you and others here have been watching these games, then you know why.

      1. I totally agree with Ken and Paul. This team would never get by like it has, during Malley/Lasorda years. The giants are a better team than us, they come to play and play hard not just against us but everyone they play. Same can be said about SD. We are out managed in every aspect of the game. Belli is killing us. Roberts needs to learn baseball fundmentals! It is totally sad to watch these games.

        1. thankful you all aren’t in charge of the Dodgers. #2 team in all of baseball, and you all have given up on them. shameful really – fair weather fans. The gnats dealing with so few injuries are playing well, but will hit a slump at some point – that’s baseball. Dodgers are confident they will win this thing, and yet you all seem to know way more than any of them. SMH

  6. Here’s what I have to say, “We only have last year to go by.” This is not the same team as last year. So what is different. One time its Mookie and then Muncy or Seager Bellinger and AJ or just about everyone has missed the lineup so it has never been consistent. Right when it gets going the manager gives someone a day off. This is Baseball and there is always the winter days off. I can’t blame the manager totally but some for sure. I could go on and on but lets get it together. The Management Can’t be a drinking buddy with the staff. I know this for sure

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