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Dodgers: Dustin May Finally Back to Baseball Activities

The Dodgers’ spring camp has been riddled with small aches and pains, but thankfully nothing more. Dustin May has been sidelined entirely with a sore side, but it looks like he is finally on track to get going. Dave Roberts confirmed that May has resumed playing catch for the first time in weeks. 

The issue with Dustin May was never described as anything more than a side issue by the Dodgers. To be fair, Dave Roberts has used that to describe pains with May, Cody Bellinger, and Joc Pederson this spring. May resuming throwing activities is encouraging, but don’t count on him for an Opening Day roster spot.

The Dodgers are already packed full of talent, and May is going to find himself well behind at this point. He was already likely on the cusp along with Tony Gonsolin, and the fact that he is just throwing almost locks him in for a Triple-A start to the season.

If there are any whispers of soreness or injury, you can bet the Dodgers are going to take precautions with their pitching staff this year. That’s easy to do when your organization is loaded with talent. Expect May to be a part of the big league team sooner rather than later.  

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  1. May and Gonsolin should both be on the roster as long releivers. Floro and Alexander should go to Triple A. Put the best guys with the real futures on the big team, and clear out last year’s bullpen deadwood.

  2. May and Gonsolin should both be with the big team day one as middle releivers and occasional starters. Floro and Alexander should be demoted to make room for them.

    1. Man Amen 106. Floro and Alexander, the definition of insanity. Pitching the same over and over failing each time and expecting a different result.

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