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Dodgers: MLB Writer Thinks Mets Adding Francisco Lindor Pushes Them Past Los Angeles

The biggest news coming out of Major League Baseball today is that the New York Mets are here to compete. Under the new ownership of billionaire Steve Cohen, the Mets went out and traded for superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor. For Dodgers fans, we’re mostly just happy that we don’t have to hear the “Lindor the LA” rumors that seem to surface every two weeks. 

The Mets are not a team that the Dodgers have had to worry about since 2015. That was the year New York beat Los Angeles in the Division Series en route to losing the World Series. But Bill Shaikin of The LA Times seems to think that this move makes them a team that LA does not want to face heading into the postseason.

To be fair, the Mets did acquire more than Francisco Lindor. Carlos Carrasco came over from Cleveland in the deal as well, and adding him to the current rotation is a huge advantage for New York. When healthy, their playoff rotation could consist of Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Marcus Stroman, and Carrasco. Not a rotation that the Dodgers can’t beat, but also not your average rotation. 

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But even within that starting rotation, there are a lot of question marks. Jacob deGrom is consistently dominant, so there’s no question that he would be as reliable as ever. Beyond that, Syndergaard still needs to return from Tommy John surgery to get a good read on the rest of his career. Stroman’s best days are likely behind him, and he did opt out of the 2020 season. Is it a good rotation and team? Absolutely. But certainly not one the Dodgers could not handle. 

Outlook for the Dodgers

The best part about all of these big trades happening is that the Dodgers are still at the top. Even without a third baseman officially signed to their roster, Los Angeles is still the team to beat in 2021. The Padres can add all of the starting pitching that they want, and the Mets can spend all of the money that they have, but that doesn’t make them the Dodgers. Not yet. 

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  1. Find another writer that said something provocative, add a little hyperbole and boom – an article.

  2. Rank the Mets 4th in the power rating behind the Dodgers, Padres & Braves. Some of these writes need to stop the hyperbole and get real.

  3. The Mets are improved but they aren’t there yet. They need to get both Springer and one of the top available relievers before they are competitive with the Dodgers and the Braves. This may effect the negotiations with Seager most. The Mets new owner has a lot of money to throw at Lindor and Seager will probably expect his worth to go up as well.

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