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Dodgers: Former LA Outfielder Joc Pederson Happy to be Less Restricted by Analytics

The Dodgers boast one of the best defenses in baseball, ranking in the top 5 the last four seasons in a row. A huge part of this has been the inclusion of analytics in their gameday preparations, but it takes more than just numbers to be this good. It takes talent, and the Dodgers have had plenty of that over the years.

With all of their defensively capable players on the field, former Dodger Joc Pederson was not one of them. He was known for his powerful bat and incredible clutch factor in the postseason, but his glove was never a huge part of his game, particularly over the final few seasons of his tenure with LA.

Now that Pederson is a member of the Chicago Cubs, he’s opened up about his time with the blue crew, and he has some things to say. In one of his recent interviews from Cubs camp, Joc spoke about the analytical approach that Los Angeles is famous for and how he felt it held him back.

I just felt a little bit restricted [by the analytics]. I think before… I was more free going off more feel rather than analytics. I understand the analytics, and I understand that they work. It’s [not a negative] comment toward them because they’ve been successful, but I think I just am better off with a little bit more feel and being more athletic out there rather than standing in certain spots where they hit the ball the majority of the time.

Ironically enough, the Dodgers and Cubs tied for fourth-best last season with 28 defensive runs saved each. For the outfield specifically, however, it was no contest as the Dodgers led the way with 13 DRS to Chicago’s -3.

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Joc Pederson had -6 defensive runs saved across his 7 seasons in Los Angeles, so his claims that the analytic method didn’t fit his style may have some truth to it. It does seem as if he feels more comfortable with the Cubs, so it will be interesting to see if a change in styles will help the former Dodger find some success on the defensive side of the ball.

Regardless of his defensive liabilities, Joc was a fan favorite during his time with the Dodgers and they will surely continue to root for his success in Chicago, as long as those games aren’t against LA that is.

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  1. A balance between feel and analytics is best and the dodgers themselves finally proved that last October, unfortunately with Joc they never wanted to try. Watching the Rays defeat themselves should be proof enough that balance is best

    1. Dodgers afforded Joc many opportunities to try. His negative DRS is all you need to know. and besides I remember when he first came up he was going to be our CF for years to come. His D definitely went downhill, and prior to last season he was traded away, only to see the trade cancelled. Lastly, I find it quite ironic that the next article plug is about Yasiel not listening to the coaches! I wish the best for Joc – hope he does well, and even hope #66 gets back to the show – somewhere, and does well.

  2. Joc will be given a chance to start basically every day with the Cubs, as he also wasn’t a fan of being a platoon player. But in fairness to the Dodgers, when he came up in 2015, he HAD the chance to be in there against LHP. But after a year or 2 he showed a definite downside against LHP. With the Dodgers depth it was easy to understand why a RHB was put in his place whenever a LHP was starting. But even with that Joc still got into many games in which he wasn’t initially inthe starting lineup.

    1. Yup Joc had his chance for 2 years plus and couldn’t hit lefties. Perhaps his platooning led to drop-off in his D as well.

  3. A lot of folks believe the Dodgers never gave Joc a chance to play everyday. Not true. He was the every day center fielder his first 2 years until he played his way out it. Joc hits prodigious shots against RH pitching and has the clutch gene but he simply can’t hit lefties. It didn’t require analytics to see it.

  4. A team with time and patience is a better fit for JP. In the Majors, the guys are good enough to figure it out; in Joc’s case- hitting against lefties. It takes at-bats and film. And time.

    1. For the most part the players on this team, means Bellinger, Seager and Muncy are the LHB that have figured it out against lefties that they play daily. Guys like Lux, Rios, Beaty and McKinstry probably won’t have those same chances due to the depth and the need to balance roster. That’s why its important for at least oneof DJ Peters, Sheldon Neuse or Matt Davidson to make this team as a RHB coming off the bench to fill in .

  5. I’d really be happy if 2 of the 3 RH bats made the team! Dodgers will see more lefties than ever this year.

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