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Dodgers: Former LA Pitcher Slams Rob Manfred

MLB players are beyond frustrated with MLB’s latest actions in the CBA negotiations. According to reports, MLB promised the players a counter proposal this week, didn’t bring the proposal, and then requested federal mediation. Former Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill sounded off on MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for the league’s latest maneuver. 

“Quite frankly, I said it before – I don’t see how Manfred has done anything good for the game. Can we point to one thing that he has done that is a positive for the game of baseball? Because nothing jumps out at me.”

Hill continued to list off the changes that Manfred his brought during his tenure in his appearance on AM570’s Dodger Talk with David Vassegh.

“Cutting the draft, cutting minor league teams, sucking the life out of the health of the game, that is something to me that’s very, very upsetting.”

The veteran lefty isn’t some hot-headed 20-something. Hill is a 17-year MLB veteran who’s seen it all during his playing days from the tail end of the Steroid Era to the golden age of sabermetric baseball. Hill was calm when giving his perspective, but certainly didn’t pull any punches.

Hill’s playing are likely to end soon, but that hasn’t dissipated his frustration with baseball’s polarizing commissioner.

Hill is not alone in his opinion on Manfred. The MLBPA’s mistrust of Rob Manfred has only exacerbated the already the toxic relationship between the league and the players’ association.

The MLBPA and MLB are expected to meet next week.

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  1. The lefty speaks truth. Manford isn’t an effective leader of baseball. He isn’t the guy to lead mlb to an agreement without sacrificing at least part of the season.

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