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Dodgers Free Agency: Insider Says Kenley Jansen and Marlins Have Been in Talks

It’s been a tough week for Dodgers fans, as Corey Seager, Max Scherzer, and Corey Knebel have all moved on to different teams via free agency. Seager’s departure hurt the most, but all three played critical roles for the team in 2021.

With their departures, there are only a handful of free agents left from the 2021 Dodgers for the team to make decisions on. One of those players is none other than long-time closer Kenley Jansen, who is apparently garnering interest from an old friend.

“He is going to take the largest contract he possibly can because, for all intents and purposes, this is [Kenley’s] last opportunity at a big contract in free agency”, said David Vassegh on the Petros and Money Show. “And an old friend – Don Mattingly – has engaged Kenley Jansen in talks. The Marlins and Jansen are in talks.”

Say what you want about Kenley Jansen’s reliability in the 9th inning, but he was able to turn things around last season to finish as one of baseball’s best closers. He ended the year with a 2.22 ERA in 69 innings pitched, his lowest since his All-Star season in 2017.

While it would be nice to keep Kenley for another year, the price that he will demand will almost certainly take the Dodgers out of the running for his services. Having Blake Treinen as a Plan B doesn’t hurt either.

One factor that could potentially factor into Kenley’s decision is geography, as the Marlins are much closer to home than the Dodgers are.

“[It’s] a shorter boat trip and flight to Curaçao for Kenley Jansen if he were to play in Miami. That’s where he spends his offseason.”

Final Thoughts

With so many free agents looking for new contracts in the offseason, this always figured to be a painful winter for the Dodgers. Even so, there is plenty of star power and depth left to keep this team contending for years to come.

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  1. This off-season is gonna go from bad to worse if we lose Jansen and Taylor.

    Can we lose David Vassegh to free agency too, or trade him for a bag of store brand chips? Can’t stand that ******.

  2. Needless to say; but we are not going to have to worry about free agents for a bit.

  3. When Kenley goes elsewhere, I will say, “Good riddance.” I don’t care if he redeemed himself, but it takes one bad outing to go downhill again. They should not take a chance with him.

  4. Ahhh, again you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. 2nd (tied) in the entire MLB in saves this year with 38.

  5. He had 5 blown saves only. The guy with 39 saves ranked 1st in MLB had 6 BS. Argument defeated. Blown saves happen. Fairweather fans like you cannot deal with sports being a team game. Bye now.

    1. Guess you don’t respect people’s opinions. You have yours, I have mine. Get over it.

  6. Kenley and his family love their home in Palos Verdes. If the Dodgers are close he’ll stay. The team has stayed with him thru thick and thin.

  7. Tru dat. The Dodgers were patient and supportive during his down times when he wasn’t doing well and wasn’t producing. I would think he owes them a year or so, but it is a ruthless business – with a crappy business model.

  8. Kenley is a lot like Seager, Kershaw and Bellinger. Overall their collective playoff performances have been weak. Look at their playoff statistics. With the numbers those 4 have put up in the last6-7 years, the dodgers were lucky to win 1 World Series.

    1. Not allowed to be a Dodgers fan if you’re a redsox fan. Mutually exclusive due to WS.
      I don’t make the rules. Goodbye.

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