Dodgers: How Max Scherzer has Surpassed Walker Buehler for Postseason Game 1 Nod

Max Scherzer continues to dominate opposing hitters. Since coming over to the Dodgers at the trade deadline, Scherzer leads all of baseball in ERA (0.78) and WHIP (0.86).

Scherzer’s hot streak is the reason the three-time Cy Young winner (soon to be four?) should start the Dodgers’ first playoff game.

WATCH: How Scherzer has Surpassed Buehler for the Game 1 Nod

In September, Scherzer has averaged a ridiculous three hits allowed per start. He hasn’t had an earned run since August 21st against the Mets. Meaning, when he makes his next start, it will have been over a month since he’s given up an earned run.

His command has been exceptional – can you say “strike-thrower” Dave Roberts? In his last four starts, Scherzer has struck out 38 batters while walking just two. Two! He’s also been efficient – three of his last four starts have been at least seven innings.

Any way you slice it, Scherzer has been the best pitcher in all of baseball almost two full months.

This isn’t to diminish fellow ace Walker Buehler and what he’s done in the playoffs. In fact, Buehler owns the better career postseason ERA (2.35) compared to Mad Max (3.35). Buehler has been a dynamo in October.

However, Scherzer is the better pitcher right now. Historical playoff statistics are important, but Scherzer the Dodger is on another level as the kids say. This is the lowest August-September ERA of his career (0.78). You’d have to go back to 2012 to even get close (2.08).

Although fellow starter Walker Buehler has a superb career playoff track record, Scherzer gives the Dodgers the best chance to win a Game 1. Whether that’s a single elimination Wild Card game or the first game of a Division Series.

Both options are best-in-class. There’s only one team that has these types of “problems” and that’s the Dodgers.

The answer, is Max Scherzer.

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  1. Even if Scherzer had not been as a big a recent tear, he still would be the choice for a one-game play in. It’s different with a 5 or 7 game series, you can recover from a bad start in those. But if the Dodgers face any elimination games, Scherzer has to take the mound.

    1. I kinda want to make this joke, Let Kershaw start but let him only go 1 batter and use his right arm so he can do game 3 lololol Then bring in mad max

    2. It won’t matter how well Scherzer or anyone else pitches in that1 game elimination scenario if the offense doesn’t show up AND DRRRRRRRR messes with the lineup by having Bellinger in there over other better options.

  2. We’ll post season is different and Scherzer isn’t great in October. If Urias pitches last game of season let Buhler pitch the 163 or wild card but keep Barnes as the catcher..

    1. Yes use Barnes as the catcher. Brilliant idea. Put Smith’s 25 homers on the bench. Maybe hit Bellinger cleanup while you’re at it.

  3. Scherzer is the saving grace for this 21 season……Any reasonable thinking manager would start him in game 1 no matter what situation. Urias has been the 2nd best pitcher. Buehler is a bit shaky right now but with Kershaw looking pretty strong, the dodgers have the best 1-4 in their history. Like Paul says though, it can all go to waste if DRRRRRRRR’s throws one of his i-mp-otent line ups in there with his 158 friend…..

  4. Mad Max World Series with tigers 4.26 era with Nats 3.60 era hardly a big game pitcher NO! Buhler the man.Post Season a different animal

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