Dodgers: With Max Muncy Out, Who Will Play First Base? Was Jace Peterson Dirty?

The Dodgers have been ravaged by injuries all year and they took another hit in the regular season finale this past Sunday when Max Muncy left the game with a left arm injury that could keep him out of the lineup for the entire postseason.

With Muncy out for the upcoming Wild Card Game between the Dodgers’ long time postseason nemesis, the St. Louis Cardinals, we discuss who should start at first base between Albert Pujols, Matt Beaty and Cody Bellinger. Having the Cardinals legend, Albert Pujols take over at first base is a compelling storyline, but the future Hall of Famer has struggled mightily against right-handed pitching this season. Pujols has a slash line of .180/.233/.266 vs. righties and is 1-10 vs. Adam Wainwright in his career.

A better option could be going with Matt Beaty, who finished the season on a high note Sunday, going 3-3 including his first career home run off a lefty in 56 at bats. Also, Beaty has a more respectable .750 OPS with 6 home runs vs. righties this season and would fill in nicely as a left-handed bat.

Finally, Bellinger’s struggles have been well documented this year, but he’s another option for the Dodgers to consider as his defense is superior to Beaty’s and Pujols’. Additionally, the former MVP is 4-for-13 in his last six games with a home run and has put together better at bats of late.

Next, we break down how much the Dodgers’ offense will miss its team leader in home runs (36) and RBI (94) and if they have the depth to replace his production in October. Plus, was Jayce Peterson’s collision with Max Muncy at first base a “dirty” play?

WATCH: Max Muncy Update, Was Jace Peterson Dirty, Who Will Play First Base? Pujols, Beaty or Bellinger?

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Doug, enjoy your commentary. The sentimentalist in me would love to see Tio Albert against his former mates. However, if I was going for the best opportunity to win the game, I put Beaty at 1b. Although a very weak defensive player, he is swinging such a hot bat of late that he needs to be in the lineup.

  2. Oh I almost forgot. The Jace Peterson play was not dirty, rather just a very unfortunate play. Things like this happen. I don’t think there was any malicious intent.

    1. Dodgerfan4life, I too believe Beaty should at least start at 1st base and if so can be removed later in game for defensive purposes. But something tells me that Roberts will want Beaty to come off bench to PH if need be. IDK. In any event it appears Bellinger might be at either 1st base or CF.

    2. If you don´t think that play was “dirty” why do think the umps called him out! It was clearly dirty: he ´purposefully and illegally moved into the field of play in order to cheat his way on and when he saw the opportunity to smash Muncy´s arm he did so with elan, actually even using his hands for emphasis! Considering that Milwaukee was PLAYING FOR NOTHING, it was a truly chickensh….thing to do. Everybody forgiving him only makes matters worse!

  3. Just an unfortunate play. Max was into the baseline catching the ball. May Max give us a Kirk Gibson moment!

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice! A nice splash ball into McCovey cove to put away the Giants please. 😉

  4. The Giants concern me more than any of the other 8 teams remaining in the playoffs. They match up really well against the Dodgers. It will be a very close series I think.

    1. Correct and they (Giants) will have HFA as well. Hopefully Dodgers offense will pick up where they left off during the last week of regular season. But we know they have to play Cards first and get past them in order to prep for the NLDS with Giants.

      1. Of course. First things first. But I do believe the Dodger offense has hit its stride at just the right time. I don’t think they will take anything for granted. They know exactly what is at stake. They are hungry to repeat. The have an excellent opportunity to do just that. It will come down to execution. Which we both know they are capable of. I’m excited and look forward to the challenge.

        1. The fate of our Dodgers’ postseason rest squarely on the Dodgers tonight, and I do believe that the Dodgers will do what the Dodgers need to do. However, unless our Dodgers hit their stride early, this game tonight is going to be a bit nerve-wrecking…for me, anyways. Meet the challenge and beat the Cardinals, Dodgers!!!

  5. No Peterson wasn’t being dirty. He was just doing what players are taught to do in that situation. Make yourself as wide as possible and hope you don’t get called out. At least they used to be. Of course now baseball will institute a Max Muncy rule to go along with the Chase Utley and Buster Posey rules. I guess it’s already a rule, maybe just better enforcement.
    I do feel bad for Max. Yeah a Kirk Gibson moment would be cool!

  6. Tough call for first base
    I think manager will go with Cody and hope Lux sees starting action
    Adam W is tough against Dodgers
    But I hope Max is tougher

  7. Beaty at 1st, Lux in center. But we all know when given the chance Cody will be in there somewhere. 4 for 13 is great, problem is last 3 ABs all STRIKEOUTS which you didn’t mention.

  8. Whatever the lineup is, it is. I might be the only person on this board who is not going to second guess the winningest manager in baseball history. If you don’t believe me, look it up for yourself. Go Dodgers!

      1. Tom, sorry to say, that could be said of every manager in the game. How about Lasorda’s decision to pitch to Jack Clark with first base open in 1985? I could go on and on. DR’s track record speaks for itself. Go Dodgers.

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