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Dodgers: Corey Seager Rumored to Have Turned Down Contract Extension this Year

The Dodgers have several premier free agents hitting the open market this winter but the crown jewel of the bunch is undoubtedly Corey Seager. The 27-year-old shortstop has been one of the top left-handed hitters in baseball since his debut in 2015. And now he gets to have his say on where he spends the next ~5-7 years of his career.

By all accounts, he made sure it would be that way.

According to a report by Jorge Castillo of the LA Times, the Dodgers actually approached Seager with a contract extension offer this year. He turned it down.

The Dodgers offered Seager a contract extension earlier this year, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

After LA’s NLCS defeat by the Braves, the shortstop spoke warmly of his time with the Dodgers, offering that he would enjoy a return in 2022. However, the emotion of the moment perhaps made him speak somewhat out of character. Several insiders, experts, pundits — whatever you want to call them — have all but written Seager out of Los Angeles. 

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Everyone knows the other big player in the Seager sweepstakes. For some time now, the New York Yankees have been linked to the North Carolina native. It’s known that he grew up a Yankee fan and a Derek Jeter fan, so understandably filling the position of your childhood idol and a Hall of Famer would have its allure for anyone.

With that, it’s certainly to be quite the wild ride for Corey Seager this offseason. With rumors of his contract asking price being in the $300M range, it would take a bold decision on the part of the Dodgers to remain in the mix at that price. But crazier things have happened.

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  1. Sure, why not throw away another cool 300 millio
    Like Betts said during the post game interview, “It is , what it is”.

  2. When a player believes he is worth more than what he puts up the decision to move on is clear. If you still sign him to his over-priced deal be prepared to hear often how he needs to play better but for whatever reason doesn’t.

    1. Anyway how much $$$ is enough for him for crying out loud? If a $ 300+ million deal is what he wants, then some other team will have to offer him that. Personally with his injury track record so far , he’s not worth THAT amount of money, just saying.

        1. I seem to recall when the Dodgers couldn’t come to terms with Mike Piazza…..they were offering $70M or so, and he wanted $90M. My initial reaction was whether the difference would make a difference in his lifestyle. A friend, who was far more perceptive than me, explained that it wasn’t about the money or what he needed or could do with it; it was all about being the highest-paid player at his position. As bizarre as that sounded to me after I got to know a few of the players, including Piazza, I realized it was true. It’s all about greed (or ego), not need.

          1. It’s not the money or greed at that point – simply ego of being recognized by your peers and thruout MLB that you are the best & highest paid catcher. Worse trade in my book in Dodger history was Fox getting rid of Mike, and that includes Pedro for Delino – a close 2nd

  3. Seager is a very good but fragile player. (Remember Troy Tulowitzki). Didn’t the Yankees sign him too?

    For my money Scott Boras ( love him or hate him) is always the smartest guy in the room, players or management. Im kinda interested in seeing if he has his guys signing early or waiting for a new CBA?

    1. Tim, that will be very telling. Anyone’s guess what comes out of that. Who knows if we even get baseball in 22.

    2. What they dont’ offer to Seager…they are probably offering to T.Turner(according to Nightedale writer USA today(Turner)….he will only sign longterm in the east).Seager not injured anymore than Judge…Tatis…Lindor…Trout…Stanton…those guys out on injury list through out each season….take Seager anyday…that left handed bat is special…Dodgers most likely lose out on both

        1. I’ll take him. One poor postseason means next to nothing against his years of incredible play. Go ahead and let T. Turner go and when the playoffs come around next year and he is on the other team I think you will see why one postseason doesn’t matter.

          1. Lifetime postseason .228 with 1 HR and 7 2B’s? Really? Yawn

          2. Zack Greinke, a pitcher, has a better postseason batting avg than the so called “Batting Champ”

  4. I think he’s gone as well, and that’s why they traded for Trae. So, Trae goes to SS, perhaps Busch goes to 2B, and Lux becomes the utility infielder/Taylor role. No pressure there!

    Can we trade to get Kike back?

        1. Let’s face it AF is smarter than every backseat quarterback on this blog combined, myself included. His record speaks for itself. It’s funny how one minute he’s a hero genius, the other he’s an idiot.

          1. DF4L … Friedman’s wonderful moves are too numerous to detail in these comments. I suggest you google Friedman’s trade and draft history with the Dodgers.
            There’s a reason he’s considered by virtually all industry experts in the business as the best executive in baseball and the Dodgers are considered the best run organization.
            If you believe he should be replaced, there are numerous great candidates running other teams that worked for and learned under him from which to choose. I expect we’ll see yet another team hire one of his guys this off-season.

          2. Yes I agree. Andrew is the best of the lot in MLB. Of course having the largest budget doesn’t hurt either 🙂

    1. Tom, he took over a team built by Colleti and Friedbrain’s underlings are running circles around him. You a baseball exec?

      1. DF4L … that’s bunk and I’ve detailed for you in several responses why. Are you deliberately repeating this just to get a rise out of folks or do you actually believe this?

        1. Bum4, it gets repeated far less than the fire Roberts cry. Why? Because it’s not as easily identified. Most folks can’t distinguish the connection or the responsibilities between them. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Nobody making any decisions based on comments made here. And I don’t care what Kirk thinks of me.

          1. The fire Roberts calls – with which I don’t agree – come from his in game decisions. Now you contend Friedman has some strong input – which has been refuted repeatedly – to these bad decisions. If that’s so, why do you give Roberts any credit for the good calls? Roberts’ game management during the 2020 run was outstanding; in 2021 and earlier not so much. But he’s done it once he can do it again.
            Friedman is responsible for roster construction. The team has been considered the most talented in baseball for the last few years. I see comments about bench this and bench that blah blah blah. Rios earned the bench role this year and got injured. Beatty earned the bench role and started terribly. McKinstry demonstrated in both the spring and early season what he’s capable of. Kike and Joc are gone because of playing time and salary. Time to move on. BTW: Friedman got both Kike and Barnes in his first trade.

        2. Bum4, look at the moves Friedman’s lieutenants (Zahidi and Anthopolous) made either at the trade deadline or 2020 off-season. Giants below .500 in 2020 go to 107w 2021, ok? Braves under .500 and the trade-deadline and Anthopolous re-does the entire outfield and is one game short of WS champs. Much bigger turn-arounds than your best executive in baseball! Riddle me this, riddle me that.

          1. Nobody – and I mean nobody – made a bigger move at the deadline than acquiring Scherzer and Turner who were both needed big time. Regardless of how the season turned out, it was a coup and acknowledged at the time as such. As for the 2020 off-season, he only acquired Mookie Betts and Brusdar Graterol who were major contributors to the championship. I see in your posts where you’re down on Mookie but I submit if Seager isn’t the MVP during the 2020 playoffs Mookie would have been. And primarily for his defense which you contend is what wins championships.

          2. Bum4, Mookie and Graterol came over off-season 2019 not 2020. Doesn’t really matter anyway.. I’m done with this discussion. On to the hot stove season.

          1. Yeah me too. Nah, come to think of it, I’d rather have DR’s job.

  5. Let him leave. He can team up with Stanton,Cole and Judge and take over the #1 spending spot!

  6. Friedman will ultimately set the roster for 2022 and I don’t expect Boros and Seager to give him much choice. They will price him out of L A and Andrew will have to figure out how to replace his offensive contributions.
    Personally, I don’t see Hoese as the eventual replacement for JT, so I expect us to go after a third baseman with a reliable bat and a left handed hitting left fielder to platoon out there. That allows Taylor to play all over the place as usual and cover the uncertainty that Bellinger and Lux might bring in 2022. Rios would be in the mix but I don’t expect him to start that many games and Andrew is not going to roll the dice on kids this coming season there than a pitcher here and there. The DH would certainly affect the look of things and make some of these decisions easier. Our off season is not as complicated as it seems re position players. Starting pitching is dicey though.

    1. 65yr, what do you think of my idea of making Smith the everyday 3Bman? He has 486 minor league innings there. Great bat. Really not a very good catcher (much to the dismay of many here). Thanks in advance.

    2. Miguel Vargas has moved past Cody Hoese as a Dodger 3B prospect. He’s now in their top 10 rankings by hitting .311 with 20 HRs last year while reaching AA. Michael Busch may be a factor as early as next year. That guy can hit.

      1. Bum4ever, in 2020 Roberts had far less in game pitching and lineup decisions as a result of having a DH. No worry about double switches and using up a short bench due to having extra arms instead. If ya noticed he didn’t struggle with these in game decisions in 2020 and that’s why I hope the NL gets the DH back in 2022 because the DH will save Roberts from himself.

  7. I sincerely hope they can somehow sign Seager to a long term deal. If he is too expensive then there is nothing they can do about it. But they better at least offer a good deal and try to land him.

    1. Rayovac, you already seem to know the answer there. Boras will not be doing anyone any favors. Cya Corey.

  8. I’m fine with Seager leaving. He’s not going to accept anything less than $30M for at least 8 years. That’s ace pitcher money. Seager is a good hitter, not power hitter and his defense is average at best. Trea will fill his spot fine. Even at $25M it’s not worth it. Give CT3 $15-18M/yr for 4 years, resign Kershaw and maybe resign Scherzer $35M/yr for 3 years. Save the money, there’s a lot of mouths to feed. Seager was below average this post season.

  9. With this FA dump in the making, I’m afraid we won’t recognize the Dodgers next season. Kenley leaves, Kelly might not get re-signed, Scherzer and Seager gone. I know I’m missing someone or two. But we’ll pick up replacements, quite unlike the O’Malley years.

  10. He’s signing elsewhere. I appreciate everything that he has done, but it’s time to move on. Treat is obviously our shortstop for the future.

    1. Hey Dodger Boy, good morning! The only concern and I know it’s looking far ahead of time but by 2023 we could be without both Seager and Trea Turner. If I heard correctly Trea will sign a long term deal with a team back east. Anyway, I’m sort of prepared for 2022 being perhaps a lean year in part with these many free agents potentially leaving.

        1. I guess it depends on what happens with Seager then, cause we know Trea wants to return to SS if he’s to sign any extension. As I see , Seager and his agent Boras will price Dodgers right out of any deal. Besides another $ 300 million deal would certainly hinder the teams any chance of filling other needs, such as the bench and so forth. But honestly I don’t believe Seager cares about that.

          1. Seager will prbably sign with the Yankees. He grew up a die hard Yankee fan and idolized Derek Jeter.

          1. I doubt it. You really think that they will not sign the Flash to a long term deal. He’s the fastest player in all of baseball.

  11. Bum4ever, in 2020 Roberts had far less in game pitching and lineup decisions as a result of having a DH. No worry about double switches and using up a short bench due to having extra arms instead. If ya noticed he didn’t struggle with these in game decisions in 2020 and that’s why I hope the NL gets the DH back in 2022 because the DH will save Roberts from himself.

    1. Paul, After watching Drrrrrr struggle again this post season. I gotta hand it to you, you have claimed even after the 2020 win that Drrrrrrr can’t handle the in game switching without the DH. Right you are and have been. I’m a National League guy all the way and can’t stand the pitchers not hitting, but this metric style they’re experimenting with or ( Moneyball) as it’s called is FAR more lame to watch than even the weak American league DH. So if I have to have one or the other I’m ready to accept the DH because the moneyball can’t win and never has. Even the 2020 wasn’t moneyball, Drrrrr actually won a World Series game when Barnes sacrificed etc……

      1. Paul knows how strongly I feel the senior circuit baseball (NL) is superior to the junior circuit (AL). Adding the DH takes away the Dodgers advantage of hitting pitchers! Julio, Kersh, Buehler so fun to watch. Watching Pujolz bat 3 – 4 times a game and getting thrown out on a hit to LF (conceivably) is not my idea of solid NL-style baseball. 🙂 Dodgers need to use small ball when it is warranted. they need to stress getting the lead-off batter each inning on base. They need to stress hitting to the opposite field against the shift. They can do that. ANY of those would go a long way to making their hitting better and win even more games than 106. But if you don’t do it in the regular season, good luck trying to do it in the postseason!.

        1. Amen brother. So few MLB teams play any small ball. It’s because the nerds have taken over the decision making! Managers do less managing each year. It’s the same for everyone not just the Dodgers.

  12. Has Seager ever played a full season? Not for 300+ million dollars elsewhere.
    Kershaw is gone, body is worn out and sad to see him go elsewhere.
    Jansen is gone, older but he added a few pitches that prolonged his season.
    El Mariachi is also gone, bad injury never be the same.
    Mad Max Shurzer is gone, bigger money elsewhere also.
    Pollock is gone, bigger money elsewhere also.
    Bellinger? Salary cut he stays ?

    Roberts has his work cut out..

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