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Dodgers: Is It Time to Move Max Muncy Down in the Batting Order?

The Dodgers are in the middle of a really bad slump. With another loss on Saturday night, they have nop dropped their last 4. Things are looking pretty bad, and the struggles of important guys are being highlighted. That includes Max Muncy. 

After one at-bat on Saturday without a hit, Muncy has now gone 5-for-30 in the month of May. He’s still reaching base at a .390 clip, but Max just isn’t hitting at all. So the Dodgers really need to figure out something to get him, and the offense, going. 

One option might have to be moving Max down in the lineup. The Dodgers pretty consistently keep him floating near the top, often putting him in the cleanup spot. But if they do move him down, what does that look like for everyone else?

The good news is that there are a lot of options for the Dodgers. But getting Max’s bat going is going to be incredibly important to their success this season. That elbow still might be playing a role in his slump, and even he admitted that he wasn’t sure how much of an issue it was. Muncy also added that he didn’t think he would be fully healthy until 2023. 

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  1. They should sit him down for a while and play Rios or J. Turner at 3d or DH. Rios should be played almost every day! He can hit, while Muncy is almost an automatic out. His elbow is probably not fully recovered, and he needs more time.

  2. I like Muncy, but it is time to sit him down until he finds it. Middle of the order bat needs to drive in runs which he has not done, being too passive and confused. Switch Rios for Muncy straight up for 3rd base or DH against a RH pitcher. Rios deserves to play while he is hot now and Muncy is struggling to stay afloat.

  3. Management can not admit a mistake. Therefore we have we still have a center fielder that is in a two year slump and a clean up hitter who can’t clean up.

  4. Muncy and Bellinger should not be in the lineup anytime and playing them against lefthanded pitching is giving away 8 at bats each game– management has to admit these guys best are behind them even though they are young, they were playing over their heads before–bring up Pillar for the OF and play Alberto or Rios for the infield or DH

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