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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Identified as Likely Trade Candidate by MLB Insider

This off-season figures to be as important as ever for the Dodgers. Coming off another disappointing end to the season, President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman has expressed his desire to be aggressive in free agency this year. The club has also been mentioned as a potential trade destination for big names who are likely to be available, including Mookie Betts and Francisco Lindor.

With the trade rumors in full swing,’s Mark Feinsand listed one potential trade candidate from each major league club. He gives reasons for each one as well, ranging from age to contract status, to a team being crowded at one position.

Feinsand named Joc Pederson as the Dodgers’ most likely trade candidate this offseason.

Here’s the excerpt from that sets up the why for Feinsand.

Pederson recorded career highs with 36 home runs, 74 RBIs, 83 runs scored and an .876 OPS, matching a personal best with a 3.3 bWAR. He still struggles badly against lefties (.505 OPS, one RBI in only 50 plate appearances), but dominates right-handed pitching despite some inconsistency at times.

Now, one of the biggest reasons Feinsand believes the Dodgers should part ways with Pederson is his contract. Yes, the 27 year-old made only $5 million in 2019, but he’s due for a decent raise. MLB Trade Rumors predicts an $8.5M salary next season.

More from the MLB insider.

Pederson earned $5 million last season, his second of three arbitration-eligible years, so he’ll be due a raise in 2020, likely in the $8 million to $10 million range. With one year of club control and a crowded outfield (2019 NL MVP Cody Bellinger, A.J. Pollock, Alex Verdugo are all returning), Pederson could be a perfect trade chip for the Dodgers to dangle.

For much of last off-season, Joc was mentioned as a trade target by MLB insiders. That was when he had an additional season of control as well. However, with the mostly impressive season he put together in 2019, it’s reasonable to think that his trade value may have evened out for this off-season.

The LA outfield remains stacked and with the club linked to players like Mookie Betts in trade rumors, moving a player like Pederson would free up Andrew Friedman to start exploring a trade for a right-handed bat in earnest

Whether it’s Joc or not, Dodger fans will likely have to prepare to part ways with at least one familiar face this off-season if Friedman decides to pull the trigger on a blockbuster trade.


  1. He’ll find a way on the Giants at some point and be on there first pennant team since their dynasty I know the script

    1. If you knew it that well you would be running the Dodgers. There are two lowest forms of life: used car salesman and armchair coach, you fit in perfect in both categories. Congrats.

    1. Rendon and Cole are free agents. Cleveland would never take Joc and Pollack for Lindor. It would take Seager or Lux as a starting point.

      1. Correct here,Curtis. Pederson, Pollock will not get any worthy deal done by themselves. Dodgers must know by now that in order to get a big return, they will have to part with someone or 2 to do so. My guess is that if Dodgers are checking in on Lindor, that Seager may have to be included in a deal A big time starter AND reliever is a must but also a must is to eliminate some of this LH hitting heaviness too

        1. Joc is a great Dodger. First and foremost. And I think he would be a great team player anywhere. That being said, this is the time to explore a trade. He should bring a solid return. A top line reliever in a one for one. Or a RH bat. Everyone, even sportswriters, seem to poo poo his value. He has a WAR average per FULL SEASON of stats of better than 2.5 per year. He should be a solid chip in a trade for a RH bat with a mid level prospect or 2. Friedman has been good at his job. We should let him make the call here. He will either get value or hold his cards.

          1. Wayne I agree they should trade Pederson and get a solid Rh bat that makes contact> I do not believe they will need pitching help as they will resign Ryu and Urias, May and Gonsolin barring a trade will fill the gaps very well. Roberts just wasn’t smart enough to use them.

    2. Timothy you sound like our Mexican fans they are always confusing free agents and trade bait players and you also can’t spell either. You fit right in

  2. i think the dodgers should keep pederson and let him play against lefties in the spring to see if he can hit them

    1. Joc has had 375 career ABs against LHP. He hit 188 with an OPS+ of 43. He can’t do it and we don’t need to see anymore. His sell-out swing is tailor made for whiffing against lefty breaking balls.

      1. Bum I agree he has not been able to hit the breaking ball from the left and has issues with slow breaking stuff period. The bigger bullpens do not give a team the luxury of having a one dimensional hitter although Pederson did improve his defense last year. The change to a 26 man roster might help but Pederson had a great year and should be a valuable trade piece. The Dodgers have young talent that are ready to come up like Peters, Rios and others they should trade him to free up the log jam in the OF.
        DJ Peters is a power right handed bat that has improved every year. Rios unfortunately is another left handed bat.

        1. The possibility sure exists for a trade of Pederson with his 123 HR’s in the 5 seasons he has been here. He is not the only Dodger that has issues with LHP however. Beaty is another one that is not exactly the best at hitting them either. But it appears that Joc , if he is dealt would be part of a multi player trade, as you know one of Freidman’s favorite pet peeves. As far as DJ peters go, I am sure Dodgers want to see him cut down on his K’s because up until now at least he reminds me of Billy Ashley, although Asheley was REALLY 1 I recall. Defense was not that stellar.

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