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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Reportedly Remains on the Trading Block

After the dust settled in the Dodgers version of making it a “Blockbuster night,” it appears that the wheeling and dealing isn’t necessarily over for Andrew Friedman.

First let’s catch up.

The Dodgers did, in fact, acquire star outfielder Mookie Betts and pitcher David Price from the Red Sox. However, the deal turned out much different than originally planned. LA sent three players directly to Boston in exchange for Betts, Price, and cash.

Next, Friedman shipped pitcher Kenta Maeda over to Minnesota for pitcher Brusdar Graterol and more.

However, the reported trade of Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling to the Angels fell apart late Sunday night. While Stripling seems safe on the Dodgers roster for now, it appears that Pederson might not be as long for the roster.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reports that Los Angeles intends to put Pederson back on the trading block; likely once the Betts deal gets approved by the commissioner’s office. Moreover, while it seems that the Angels may have been the team that pulled out of the Pederson swap, there is a chance that a new version of that trade could come together early in spring training, if not earlier.

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Over in Anaheim, the Angels and new manager Joe Maddon would surely benefit from a veteran buffer in front of top prospect Jo Adell. And after letting Gold Glove winner Kole Calhoun walk in free agency, Pederson makes sense as a similar profile player to patrol the outfield in Orange County.

Additionally, the Dodgers may be inclined to move Pederson in a deal sooner rather than later. His $7.75M contract puts the club further over the collective bargaining tax threshold for 2020. Moreover, an awkward salary arbitration hearing undoubtedly drove an uncomfortable wedge between player and club.

For Los Angeles, position players are scheduled to report to Camelback Ranch by February 17. One week to see how things shake out.

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  1. Hate to see him leave but it’s for his own good,he deserves a chance at starting then He’ll put up monster numbers.Hope he goes to San Diego or Anaheim but not the giants.

  2. I have some unwanted and unqualified advice for Joc Pederson. First put the arbitration results behind you, and play ball. Second learn how to hit against left handed pitchers. Bellinger got tired of being semi-platooned by Roberts and learned how to do this. Along with great defense, it resulted in an MVP. It is possible. Let the home runs come against right handed pitching, and let the singles come against left handed pitching. Learn to go the other way against lefties. Study Bellinger and Seager. Most of Seagers hits and even home run are to left center. Bellinger goes the other way too, not as often as Seager, but more frequently than before. Become a complete player, who is a serious weapon, regardless of who is on the mound, and you could be a full time player making twice what you were asking for in arbitration for any team. The future is now.

    1. Study Muncy who hits lefties better than right. Joc has the plate discipline to draw walks so he should be able to shorten up and make contact. I don’t understand it.

    2. Great post here, Dodger106W. Exactly what I would tell Joc if he is indeed concerned about playing time. He will most likely be dealt because as it stands now his playing time would be reduced even more now that Betts is here.

    3. Oils not agree with you more. Keep Joc.
      I am an old Brooklyn Dodger fan, since 1947 when you know what happened.
      I was 7 and Jackie arrived.

  3. Mistake. Pederson is one of the best hitters on the team against righties. A Pollock/Pederson platoon would give the Dodgers a devastating line up when right handers are on the mound.

  4. In my view the Dodgers got a reprieve on the Pederson trade. If Pederson and Stripling are to be traded, it should be for much more than what the Angels were offering.

    I do not think that Pederson should be traded at all. Here is why:

    1. The dodgers winning percentage in 2019 with Pederson in the lineup was over .700.

    2. He is one of the few Dodgers that seems to consistently deliver in the post season. Many say he would have been mvp of the 2017 World Series had the Dodgers won. He was also good in the 2019 post season.

    3. He led the league in lead-off homers. (He did the same thing in 2018). He had 36 homers, which was second on the team.

    3. Pollock cannot be counted on to be healthy. He never is.

    4. Pederson was above average defensively.

    5. You have to like a guy who takes his Down Syndrome – afflicted brother (Champ) to the All Star game and home run derby and introduces him to everyone.

  5. I agree there good reasons to keep him.

    But if they do trade him they need to get something better than a dime a dozen infielder without giving up a good prospect.

    Last time they did that they ended up giving up a future superstar to houston for a career minor league relief pitcher. I would love to have that deal back and him playing leftfield.

    Platooning Pedersen with Pollock may not be a bad Idea.

  6. Folks, what may comlicate things is thet neither Joc or Pollock care to be platooned going further. So in any even roster space has to go down from 42 to the 40 man limit. But I concur that the deal that would have sent Joc and Strip to the Angels was a bust as far as what we were getting in return.

  7. Worst case for Angels: Thanks to Moreno’s impatience, Pederson and Stripling go to A’s or Mariners or other AL West rivals. Billy Beane and DiPoto might be speaking to Friedman now.

  8. I’m happy to see that Moreno’s idiocy killed this lopsided trade. What could have possessed the Dodgers to give up two All-Stars and a prospect for a guy who would have been sixth on their second base depth chart?

  9. Thank god that the Angel’s passed up on a one time “giveaway” of two legitimate productive players in Pederson and Stripling (both NL All Stars) for a unproven infielder. Hopefully the front office will expect
    a more valuable return for Joc and/or Stripling if a deal opens up in the future. Thank you Artie Moreno for passing up the Deal of the Century! Go Blue.

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