Dodgers: Justin Turner Breaks Down One of His Favorite Moments with LA

Justin Turner is no longer with the Dodgers, but he still has ties to the Los Angeles community and media. While in town recently for an event for the Dream Center Foundation, JT took time to visit with a local radio host.

Turner was asked about his favorite moments in Dodger blue, and of course he brought up the subject of his most recent bobblehead: his pitching performance late in the 2021 season.

“It was actually a yo-yo. Like, they weren’t sure if they were going to let me pitch. Like, Dave [Roberts] didn’t really want to let me pitch. I had to, like, talk him into it. Like, no, do not throw [Alex] Vesia. Save him, we’re going to need him in the next series. I’ll go out and pitch. So I had to talk my way into that one.

“One of the things I’m most proud about on the pitching was the PFP. It was a ground ball to first, and I remembered to go over and cover first, which is difficult for a lot of pitchers. So I have that in my arsenal now for the rest of my career, or my coaching career, to be like, hey it’s not that hard. Like I’m not even a pitcher and I did it. Like ground ball to first, ground ball to the right side, go cover first base. Look, here’s the film, I did it.”

PFP, of course, stands for “pitchers fielding practice,” which mostly happens during spring training when pitchers work on the little defensive aspects of their jobs like covering first base on a grounder to the right side. It wasn’t quite second nature for Turner — as you can see in the video below, he hesitates ever so slightly — but he did a great job.

It’s nice to see JT talking about his future coaching career, though. Whatever it takes to get him back in a Dodgers uniform as soon as possible.

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Jeff Snider

Jeff was born into a Dodgers family in Southern California and is now raising a Dodgers family of his own in Utah. He's been blogging about baseball and the Dodgers 2004 and doing it professionally since 2015. Favorite Player: Clayton Kershaw Favorite Moment: Kirk Gibson's homer will always have a place, but Kershaw homer on Opening Day 2013 might be the winner.

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