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Dodgers: Kyle Farmer Admits to Higher Intensity Playing Los Angeles

Dodgers fans generally like to see guys that have left the organization thrive with their new clubs. With a few exceptions, there have been plenty of guys to leave over the past few years that fans in LA will still root for. That all changes when they play us. 

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they got beat by a former teammate. Kyle Farmer came up big for the Reds in the 6th inning and drove in a pair of runs off of Walker Buehler. That proved to be the difference-maker as Cincinnati won 3-1. 

After the win, Farmer talked about his former team and what it meant to come through against them. Farmer also admitted that playing the Dodgers brings an extra level of intensity, something fans in LA are more than aware of. 

I love a lot of guys over there. They’re great friends of mine, great teammates. Some of the best friends I’ve ever had. But I love playing them. The intensity level seems a little different playing against them.

Originally drafted by the Dodgers in the 8th round of the 2013 draft out of Georgia, Farmer came up as a catcher. He made a big jump in his career with the Reds by moving around the diamond and now seems to be settled in at shortstop. 

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He was a part of the trade that sent Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, and Alex Wood to Cincinatti back in December of 2018. That landed Josiah Gray and Jeter Downs with the Dodgers, which then turned into Mookie Betts, Max Scherzer, and Trea Turner. 

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  1. Was really excited when the Dodgers cut the Giants division lead to 1 game. Then they go out and stink up the joint with their miserable game against the Reds last night. Same old story with lots of strikeouts and very few hits. And to think that Cincy’s pitcher had 15 losses this year and we cant hit.

    With 14 games left and 2 out of first, I figure that if we dont go 12-2 the rest of the way then we can kiss the division goodbye and enjoy a 1 game wild card against a pitcher that we have difficulty with. I am sorry but championship teams dont roll over and play dead like the Dodgers have on the road.

  2. Too bad none of you have that when you face the Giants. Or maybe there’s just no point because they’re cheating. They need to be exposed before it’s too late. They really do give off those 2017 Astros vibes with the way they just cannot lose no matter what happens or when. Not having a single slump all year is not natural at the big league level. Even the ‘17 Dodgers had one, The cheating Astros had one that year, the ‘16 Cubs had one. Dead give away

      1. Don’t get me wrong they have bought into a certain philosophy and it would’ve gotten them into the postseason this year no doubt.. BUT this just isn’t natural as I’ve pointed out. There’s definitely more going on than just practice and discipline. I believe in order to avoid a long team slump entirely in a 162 game mlb season, you must have some sort of cheating operation and possibly PED’s

  3. Sad that a healthy young man who is paid an enormous paycheck, only plays his best when opposing a team that he is annoyed with?

    He only plays his best when he decides to get ‘psyched’. He should just get paid for those days.

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