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Dodgers: LA Once Again a Major Player in the Dominican Prospect Market

The Dodgers have been active players in the international prospect market. Earlier this week, Los Angeles announced deals with 30 prospects. Including two players ranked in the top fifty: Samuel Muñoz and Accimia Morales.

It’s another reminder of how times have changed since the Guggenheim Group bought the team from the villainous Frank McCourt.’s Jesse Sanchez commented on the Dodgers renewed focus on foreign players.

“I think there was a period where it wasn’t as strong. Different ownership groups took a different focus. I can speak to what is happening now. Friedman, all those guys, the international scouts, international directors, all the people with feet on the ground in Latin America and the Carribean, and Asia, all across the globe. They’re in the mix. The Dodgers traditionally are one of the most active and aggressive teams on the market.”

During the interview on AM570’s Dodger Talk, Sanchez deemed the Dodgers as “one of the pioneers of the international market”. Los Angeles built one of the first professional baseball academies in the Dominican Republic in 1987 – Campo Las Palmas.

Sanchez reiterated that LA is very active in the Dominican which remains a hotbed of baseball talent.

“They are doing well. When I go down there and I go to these events, the Dodgers have a large presence at every event. You talk to agents, trainers, the Dodgers are in the mix for all these players. If you’re a Dodgers fan, just know that your club is out there doing it because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

International prospect scouting is just another area where the Dodgers are best-in-class.

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