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Dodgers Trevor Bauer Clearly Not Wanted by Long Time LA Times Columnist

On Tuesday, news broke that the LA County district attorney would not criminally charge Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer for sexual assault. Now that the criminal legal process is resolved, it’s up to MLB and the Dodgers to decide what do with Bauer. LA Times veteran Bill Plaschke thinks Bauer should never pitch again in Dodger blue.

Plaschke penned a column on Tuesday in support of the Dodgers releasing the polarizing pitcher.

“It’s time for the Dodgers to do what they should have done months ago. It’s time for them to publicly disown Trevor Bauer by promising their fans and community he will never again take the mound in a Dodgers uniform. It’s one sentence. It speaks volumes. ‘Trevor Bauer will never pitch for us again.’”

Plaschke strongly believes that cutting Bauer is the proper course of action for one of the premier franchises in baseball.

He goes on to explain that a suspension is likely, but the Dodgers shouldn’t wait for Rob Manfred’s decision before they act.

“That [a suspension] still shouldn’t stop the Dodgers from publicly cutting him.”

The Nationals Paradigm

Plaschke points out to the Nationals handling of Starlin Castro as the model he believes the Dodgers should follow.

Castro was placed on administrative leave for alleged domestic violence on July 16th, 2021. He was suspended for 30 games effective July 30th. His last game with Washington was July 11th. Unsurprisingly, the Nationals then released him on September 3rd.

Nationals GM Mike Rizzo publicly communicated that Castro would not play for the Nationals again. Rarely do GMs meet with teams, but Rizzo informed his players that there’s a “zero tolerance” for domestic violence and that he doesn’t “care how good of a player you are”.

In Plaschke’s opinion, the Dodgers should do the same with Bauer. Release him, eat the $64M he’s owed over the next two years, and move on.

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  1. “It’s time for the L.A. Times to do what they should have done years ago. It’s time for them to publicly disown Bill Plaschke by promising their readers and community he will never again write a pile of self-important drivel for our newspaper. It’s one sentence. It speaks volumes. ‘Bill Plaschke will never write for us again.’”

  2. I don’t condone domestic violence, but are we certain what exactly happened? Bauer said he didn’t hit hit her. We should wait for the MLS investigation to be completed. People are incent until proven guilty. If Plaschke wants to release him, he should pony up the $64 Million himself.

  3. I’m just wondering that if the term “innocent until proven guilty” isn’t ringing a bell to Plaschke???? From the start, with the released info, it was pretty clear that the girl was gonna trap herself a sports star in some way. I wanna know what type of sexual vices Plaschke likes…then kick him out at the LA Times!!!


  5. Let’s look in the closets of all MLB players and then we can let them all go and have no more baseball. No one is immune – including management. Righteous bastards.

    1. First of all he is it not proven innocent. The LA county DA didn’t charge him with a crime, the office is doing this routinely recently. Secondly he will be suspended. Third a civil suit with a much lower burden of proof will come forth. Fourth every away game and several home games will hold protests against him and by proxy the organization. This is something the Astros would do, and LA will be the new trashcan boys if they have him on the mound. Trade him for whatever you can get as fast as you can.

  6. Plaschke sure is free with advice as to how others should spend their money. Despite inflation many in the country still treat a nickel like it’s a manhole cover yet he freely dispenses $64 million like it is chump change. I always thought a person in this country was innocent until proven otherwise. If he wants to try to influence others to make decisions of his choosing he ought to title his position as an opinion piece. Maybe he is actually a SF Giant fan in disguise-getting the Dodgers to ensure the 64 million cannot be used to land a quality player

  7. He was not charged with a crime…unless MLB finds something petty that would cancel his contract, the Dodgers are on the hook …so, let’s keep him.

  8. Bauer is a Dodger for now and should remain unless MLB digs up more unfounded
    dirt. Private life is just that. Publicly, #27 is one if the best pitchers in baseball. The Times exists to sell newspapers at times using opinions of columnists to catch your eyes and ears.

  9. OK lets start with the words DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Where was this with Bauer? His personal sex habits behind closed doors is not of any ones concerns. It may have been “violent” but not really violence of any ones personal rights. Since Bauer was not convicted of any DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, then his actions should not be of any concern to the Dodgers, his team mates and especially Major League Baseball. Therefore he should not be persecuted nor fined, kicked out of baseball and suspended from playing the game, he is fairly good at. Its a damn shame when women charge men for something they consented to in the first place. I think its all about his money and nothing more. I now say, lets get past this, let him pitch again for the Dodgers, who are in need for good starting pitcher. In a few months, this will all be forgotten and the Dodgers will be on their way to another world championship.

  10. There’s a huge difference between the Nationals eating 500k and the dodgers eating 64 million. Castro was at best a replacement level player with a month left on his contract. Bauer is a number 1-2 starter with 2 full years of high contract. Castro shouldnt be the example

  11. I was totally in favor of diching Bauer. Not anymore. The courts, police and persecutor have to declined press charges. Actually Bauer’s video swayed me. I believe what he said that it was consensual and he never hit her. I suspect she was ultimately looking for a payday out of this. I also strongly believe that MLB should stay out of players private lives. If he had been convicted of abuse that would be different. I personally will not be upset if Bauer comes back to the Dodgers.

  12. You willing to pitch in on that 64 million owed to him mr plaschke? Yeah, didn’t think so, easy to say when it’s not your money.

  13. Plaschk’s should donate his salary over the next 20 years to help cover the 64 million he advises the Dodgers to eat LOL yes. As this Breakwater Orthodox historians

  14. Yes, MLB can suspend Bauer for violating their morals policies IF he is guilty of moral policies. Bauer contends he did not beat her as described by her and her lawyer and the photo of her beaten face is not from their two encounters. If he did beat her (like Marcell Ozuna actually beat his wife) Bauer has already served a suspension half of 2021 season while being only “investigated”. Marcell Ozuna was suspended for 20 for actually being guilty.

    After several months Bauer is only guilty in the Court of Public Opinion which Plaschke helped fuel.

    Plaschke is a sh*t-stirrer who hates players. He helped run Piazza out of town when all he wanted was a fair new contract after patiently waiting and playing his early Rookie Of The Year and All-Star years at the major league minimum.

    L.A. Times should be embarrassed to have him on staff.

  15. The most compelling evidence viewed by law enforcement of two jurisdictions was the texts found on Bauer’s phone and the woman’s phone. Texts demonstrated she was an obsessed stalker after just two encounters. In a text on her phone to a friend she said “I have my hooks into him, you know how I roll.”. Prior to meeting Bauer she had sexual encounters with other MLB players including Fernando Tatis, Jr.

    Bauer is no choir boy but he was targeted and this needs to end. He should be given his life back this has taken way too long.

  16. Plaschke is a wast of my time know one wants to read anything he has to say. Send him on his way…

  17. Bill Plaschke is a long time LA dodger critic and hater. How he keeps his job with the LA times is amazing. Anything he writes should be disregarded.

  18. Plaschke is a boob who loves the sound of his own voice. The truth is that Bauer did nothing wrong and was targeted by a crazy woman seeking a payout. Rough sex is not illegal, or even immoral between two consenting adults and the evidence clearly shows that Bauer went to extreme lengths to make sure this woman knew what he wanted and was a willing partner. This is confirmed by her text messages and the findings of the judge. In EVERY case where players were suspended for domestic abuse, it was clear that what the players did (including the Dodgers Urias) was illegal, but I don’t remember any writers calling for LA to release Urias! So far, every article I’ve seen about this accepts the complaint of the crazy woman as fact when NONE of the evidence supports her complaint. Even the judge admits the woman lied!

    With no actual evidence of wrongdoing, on what basis does MLB have to suspend Bauer?

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