Dodgers’ Managerial Finalists Speak Volumes of Organization’s Direction

So, what do we do with all the factors listed previously? How do the Dodgers weight each valued characteristic, and how do we, as fans, trust what the front office is doing?


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of the day, what matters, in the words of TrueBlueLA’s Eric Stephen: “As long as there is a functional working relationship, either choice is fine with me.”

We can all recall the awkwardness of Mattingly seeking a contract extension and going through two ownership groups and two general managers. At this point, consistency is the name of the game.

With the hiring of a new manager, three of four major pieces will be set for the Dodgers: the Ownership Group, the Front Office, and a Manager. The fourth and final piece for success is a team of talented players with a winning culture. There will be no more excuses after old contracts under former tenures are off the books.

It is well documented the methodical approach that Friedman took when hiring 2015 National League Manager of the Year, Joe Maddon, than with the Tampa Bay Rays. We can only assume Friedman has done the same with more resources in Los Angeles.

Do we know who the Dodgers will hire? No. Do we know who is best for the Dodgers to hire? No — and anyone who says they do is fooling themselves. There is simply no way of knowing that.

A decision is anticipated today or possibly after this weekend. All we can hope for is organizational progress after said decision. Given Friedman’s history of hiring people in this capacity, we can be comfortable predicting progress. Check back to Dodgers Nation for more Dodgers news this offseason.

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