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Dodgers: Matt Beaty is the Backup Catcher Tonight

Welcome to the Dodgers National League Division Series, where things are getting weird. Los Angeles announced their lineups on Tuesday afternoon, and both of their catchers are in. Unlike the Wild Card Series though, they do NOT have a third catcher on the roster. 

With Will Smith set to DH and Austin Barnes catching for Clayton Kershaw, there is not a third catcher to take over in an emergency. That led Dodgers reporters to ask Dave Roberts what his contingency plan is for Tuesday night just in case something were to happen to Barnes behind the plate. His answer? Matt Beaty is the third catcher tonight. 

Beaty has not logged one appearance as a father at this big-league level. In fact, he has not logged an appearance behind the plate at the minor league level either. The last time the Dodgers utilityman caught a game was in college playing with Belmont University. 

Regardless, Dave Roberts must feel confident enough in his abilities to gamble putting his two catchers into the game. The Dodgers and Padres will play Game 2 of the NLDS tonight at 6:08 PM Pacific Time. 

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  1. Am I missing something here? If Barnes was injured, wouldn’t you just switch Smith to catcher and put someone else in at DH?

    1. If you move someone from the DH position onto the field, you forfeit the DH spot. So technically they could switch Smith to catcher, but from them on, either the pitcher bats or you pinch hit for the pitcher.

  2. They need to have a backup listed for Smith as Barnes is already out. Smith gets hurt and now what? In this case, it’s Beatty. It’s come up before.

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