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Dodgers: Max Muncy Sounds Excited to Change Positions

The Dodgers signing Freddie Freeman opens up a lot of opportunities. Dave Roberts now has some freedom to move guys around while also giving multiple guys days off of their feet. Getting Justin Turner some time down at his age will be ideal, especially to keep him fresh for a postseason run. 

But the addition of Freeman brings one small complication. The Dodgers already have a first baseman in Max Muncy, and he had been firmly cemented there. But the good news is that they seem to have a plan of attack to solve that. 

Max Muncy will likely slide over to second base on days when he is not acting as the designated hitter. And from what it sounds like, Muncy is all for making that move. He played 39 games at second base in 2021, and he told the media on Thursday morning that he was excited to get more opportunities there. 

From an analytics standpoint, Muncy put up plus-2 defensive runs saved metric. He put up a plus-6 while playing at first base. So while he still seems to be a good second baseman, it’s down from where he would have been. The Dodgers will take that every day of the week if it means getting Freeman into the lineup. 

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But there is buy-in, and that’s what matters most for this Dodgers team. Getting guys to play where they’re needed will be paramount to their success over the course of this season. 

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