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Dodgers: Max Scherzer Hopes to See Clayton Kershaw’s 3,000th Strikeout as His Teammate

Mad Max Scherzer was certainly on fully display during the team’s 8-0 victory over the San Diego Padres. Not only did he record 8 shutout innings while only allowing one hit, but he had an immaculate inning and recorded his 3,000th strikeout along the way. The Dodgers desperately needed that win to help them keep pace with the Giants.

The latest start only cemented his case for his fourth CY Young Award, even over teammate Walker Buehler.

After the momentous occasion, Scherzer was seen sharing a moment with Clayton Kershaw in the dugout after his outing was finished. Max revealed what went down during that interaction.

“He was just happy to be able to watch it and that we’re on the same team. Hopefully I’m here to be able to watch his 3,000th as well. Obviously what he’s done in his career he should reach that milestone and it’ll be a special milestone for him as well.”

Kershaw isn’t too far from achieving the historic mark for himself as he currently sits at 2,653 strikeouts. Still just 33 years old, Kershaw has plenty of time and talent left to accomplish the rare feat. However, whether that milestone is reached with the Dodgers or another club is up in the air right now.

Both he and Scherzer are pending free agents come season’s end. The organization would surely love to keep both, but with Corey Seager, Chris Taylor, and many others also hitting free agency, some tough decisions will have to be made. Re-signing both pitchers would and should be a priority especially after the numerous injuries the rotation has suffered this year.


  1. Dodgers won’t need an offense next year if they have Urias, Scherzer, Buehler, Kershaw, and May (hopefully before the All-Star break). Add Treinen in the 8th and Kenley to close, and you’ll have all that’s needed for the best team in baseball. Of course, it won’t be easy signing Scherzer, Kershaw, and Jansen. Kenley may be the toughest one to sign because of lack of fan support earlier in the year for which I think he’s still bitter.

    1. Completely agree about Kenley, the man has pitched his heart out for the Dodgers and if the arm chair comment want to continue to post only the negative, they should really take a look at what he has done for this team and the true emotion he shows. Just look at his eyes when he gives up a long ball. There is sincere emotion from him. For Christ sake people Marino Rivera had 80 blown saves. Going back to Kershaw and Scherzer, why not sign a Bobby Bo style of contract where they both get healthy up front money for 3-4years but defer the balance of their contracts until they start to collect Social Security. .On Chris Taylor they NEED to stop screwing around and lock him up for 4 years. On Corey, the elephant in the room is going to be Boras, he can be a total a-hole, but does usually (though not always) get his clients good money. A lot will depend on if Corey wants to be Dodger for his career and if we win it all again this year that should play a huge part in that.

      1. No other Dodger brings so much anxiety to the die hard fans as Kenley. What he has done in the past, has little to do with what he does in the present. There has never been a pitcher for the Dodgers that has been the cause of so much floor pacing than KJ. Maybe you might have forgotten last years WS, or playoffs. Let’s face it…..he is hit and miss every time he sets foot on the mound and the twitching and hip shaking he has developed this year only proves that he himself is physically a question mark.

        1. Bayside I agree with the anxiety that Jansen has caused, but he is still a good/quaty arm. Don’t believe it will take a lot of money to resign him and I am not sure he would in his heart want or sign elsewhere. Man is a lifetime Dodger. Some of his troubles, though not all were the result of Roberts not utilizing him efficiently. No one except Kenley can answer the question about the playoffs last year, but I personally (JMHO) think he lost confidence and was afraid to make a mistake and thus was just unsure of himself. No one can go through anything or perform any job/task if they have lost confidence in themselves. The team needs to talk to him about having a diminished role and that the time has come to start working another into the closer role. I mentioned Rivera above, the Yankees had a damn good and ex Dodger (John Wetteland) in their closer role and gradually worked Rivera into that role and I believe the Dodgers are going to have to do the same with Kenley, but they need to do it with class. I don’t believe there is a team around that would not want Kenley to close but to also be one heck of a set up man. It’s obvious that I am a fan of Kenley even though he has caused me plenty of hear palps. He gets the job done many more times than he doesn’t.

  2. Kershaw will retire as a Dodger and they will sign Sherzer. As for Taylor , how much does he want , same for Seager . If Lux and Cody improve Taylor will be gone .

    1. Lux is showing something by moving around the field, but we have seen throughout the year how much the Dodgers miss Hernandez and how the team really needs a non-blue-chip Swiss army knife to make the offense go. I still think that both Jansen and Seager end up elsewhere but Taylor needs to come back and so does Scherzer, maybe even more than Kershaw, although I think Kershaw and the Dodgers will work something out. It would sure help if MLB suspends Bauer for at least a year, but I am not necessarily convinced it will do the Dodgers that favor.

  3. Yes Kenley pitches his heart out, but there’s a reason he gives everyone heart attacks every time he walks out of that bullpen. I think he’s not the same pitcher. He’s definitely not lights out and doesn’t deserve to be a priority signing IMO. Also, I’d consider getting rid of Belli and/or Lux to keep CT3. Taylor has proven himself consistently since he’s been with the Dodgers and only seems to be getting better. His defense is great, offense way better than Cody and Lux….it’s a no brainer. As for Seager….be great to keep him, but at least we got Trea who’s an all around better player, and can play other positions where Seager can’t.

    1. Dodger Boy, if Dodgers want to be relevant in 2022, they must re-sign Taylor. It’s a given they must bring Scherzer back but IDK about Seager, due to who his agent is. But I also do not trade Lux because it’s very possible by the time 2023 rolls around, Dodgers could have lost BOTH Seager and Trea Turner to FA.

      1. Agree Paul about CT3. If the Dodgers blow it this season, I doubt that Scherzer will resign as also CK. Lux is a question mark. Seager might go as there is no need for T.Turner to play 2nd. I agree that KJ has a strong heart and wants to be the closer for life but hey….he gives everyone heart attacks every time he comes in. It’s tough enough being a Dodger fan and having blue blood helps but sorry, KJ would have to lower his ego and accept that there are a couple others who can close w/o bringing so much anxiety to the die hard fans.

      2. Paul, they will extend TT long term. CT3 will want a shitload of money to stay. I don’t think that they will come to terms with him. CT3 will probably sign elsewhere.

      3. No way. That issue will be cleared up by the spring. Hopefully we have a clear path going forward to keep Trea. Make him a priority, then Scherzer, then Taylor, and hopefully Seager and Kersh will follow. Get rid of KJ and find a creative way to use that cash.

        1. Tom, let’s be real. We have an opportunity to sign Freddie Freeman and Kris Bryant this offseason. Let’s not waste this opportunity and get both.

  4. Pitching is 75% of the game.

    Scherzer is the must-sign. 4 years, $200 million. If he wants more years, make them option years and/or opt-out, or deferred money.

    Dodgers get $400 million/year local tv money. The luxury tax means nothing to them. Drawing 45-50,000/game is a license to print money. Sign the stars who want to stay and have the desire to be great, like Scherzer and Betts. No more locker room poison like Bauer, or slackers like Machado. Keep the Dodger Brand at the top of the Want-To-Play-Here list. The best Free Agents will keep coming.

      1. You are being a bit irresponsible with money . $50 million in salaries , will not happen but he should stay with the Dodgers . Seager as well , Kershaw too . The rest will be replaced .

  5. Yes on Sherzer. Yes on Taylor. Yes on Kershaw….DUH! And, due to his injury history, Seager just might stay in LA. With Turner somewhat limited by his knees and the eventual DH in 2022, Seager will be ask to slide to 3B so that Trae can play SS.

    As for Jansen, I too have to stop watching! Doctors orders… But his increased velocity and better placement does make it intriguing for another year or two. I’m still on the fence.

    I also expect a six-man rotation with Gonsolin as well…

  6. Adam,

    Your article last week about the Dodgers’ lack of urgency in catching the Giants and their assumption that they will be playing deep into October (Roberts’ mistake in giving the 3 good starters an extra day of rest) was excellent, one of the best to appear in Dodgers Nation.

    If only Roberts and Friedman would listen.

  7. Sorry I sent the above message to the wrong person. I think the writer was Clint. I stand by my agreement with whoever wrote the article.

  8. Love Seager and Kirsh both, but given their injuries the past few years, they owe the Dodgers a year’s worth of games. Sign them both to one year deals and go from there. I know, sports agents don’t see things that way.
    I know, get rid of Roberts and the Dodgers can afford to lose a couple players, because you would get a manager that would know how to utilize his players way more efficiently.

  9. Anyone backing Jansen has got to be kidding. His mid season melt down against the Giants shows you what to expect when the stakes are high.

    I’ve been saying since 2017 that this team won’t get a ring with him as the closer. Nothing I see now makes me think differently.

    1. Right on Dejiro. His ego and Robert’s cow-towing to him have cost us first place in the west. How many games have slipped away because of this? If KJ is signed, I say offer a more reasonable contract (lower) and pitch him in the 8th or allow him to close games with a 4 run lead or greater, at least until he can show consistency, especially in high leverage games.

  10. LA needs to re-sign Scherzer, and Kershaw to extended contracts, they can afford to lose Segar since they have Turner, Kenley and Taylor are negotiable.

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