Dodgers: Mookie Betts Confirms Once and For All He’s Not Vegan

He’s said it once and he’ll say it again for the last time… Mookie Betts is no longer vegan. In fact, the Dodgers outfielder hasn’t been for quite some time.

Speaking with members of the media on Thursday at Camelback Ranch, the Dodgers’ spring training facility in Arizona, Mookie shared that he worked to add eight pounds of muscle this offseason. Of course, with talk of his weight and diet, the question (that was already answered last season) was asked once again.

Are you still eating vegan?

Mookie faced scrutiny last season after a not-Mookie-esque start to his season. He had enough of the vegan questions then, declaring that he did, in fact, eat steak.

So there’s your answer. Mookie Betts is no longer vegan and hasn’t been for years.

Oh, and by the way he went on to finish fifth in NL MVP voting in 2022, hitting a career-high 35 home runs with an .873 OPS. He scored 117 runs and drove in 82 over 142 games.

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