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Dodgers: Mookie Betts’ Decision to Attempt a Stolen Base in Extras Costs Los Angeles

Saturday was a tough loss for Dodgers fans for a lot of reasons. Not only did the team give up multiple leads in extra-innings to lose, but they also lost Dustin May to an elbow injury. 

One point of contention in the game came in the 11th innings after Will Smith’s 2-run triple. With the Dodgers up 2 runs, Mookie Betts tried to steal second base and was caught for the second out. 

When asked what he saw on that play and the thought process that went into it, Mookie said he was trying to keep the Dodgers out of double-play trouble. 

It kind of seemed like a tougher matchup for Seager right there so I was just trying to get to second to stay out of the double play. They made a good play, good throw and good tag. In hindsight, I probably would have stayed at first. 

Dave Roberts later confirmed that Mookie was going on his own. The Dodgers outfielder was not acting under the orders of coaches or his manager. 

Yeah, he was going on his own. He just didn’t get a great jump. He’s got a great feel for the game. He’s safe then there’s nothing said about it. He’s got a very good feel for the game. 

Seager would go on to strike out swinging and that would be it for the Dodgers in the 11th. The Brewers obviously came back and won the game 6-5 after Travis Shaw’s walk-off single. But had Mookie stayed put, they certainly would’ve been out in a better position to add on.

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Obviously, hindsight is 2/20 and it’s a lot easier now to say that Mookie shouldn’t have gone. But Seager does have a tendency to roll over on pitches to the right side, and Betts knows better than anyone. Had he made it into second safely, Dodgers fans would likely be praising him for how intelligently he plays the game.

The loss just makes everything suck.  

It’s time to turn it around today.

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  1. No, it was Vesia who walked 4 batters, couldn’t throw a strike even if he was pitching at 10 ft, only had a fastball with no command, twice loaded up the bases, and a manager who had the stupidity to use him for a second inning who lost the game. This guy who threw over 30 pitches and was consistently throwing inside and low did not make any adjustments. Couple of times when he missed the strike zone he would just stand there after the pitch and just glare at home plate. Looks like he might be able to pitch for my little league team as the umpires have a very wide strike zone. Again, Friedman dumpster diving. At least White got 2 outs and was throwing strikes. When you throw strikes you have a 70% chance of getting the batter out. When you keep throwing balls (ie Vesia) you have a zero percent chance of getting the batter out.

  2. No, bad hitting, a bad bullpen and some bad decisions cost the Dodgers. Let’s not focus on the one guy who is trying to make something happen.

  3. Hard to get a good jump with a left handed pitcher watching your leadoff. Unlucky the pitch wasn’t in the dirt. Still the Dodgers hit into a large number of double play rally killers. You can’t know what the next pitch Seager would see if Mookie had staid on first, or if it would not have been a double play ball or a swing and miss.
    We do know the bullpen blew a 2 run lead, and a 3 run lead by the Dodgers would might have postponed the walkoff Brewers win by another few batters. Having Kershaw as a pinch hitter twice now shows a lack of depth in the bench.

    1. I get that May’s injury and two bullpen games mucked things up. But how do you end with a pitcher pinch hitting with the runners in scoring position late in the game? It that is what the NL game is “all about” then it truly sucks.

  4. This is stupid, why would you make a whole article about Mookie Betts getting caught stealing as the cause to the Dodgers lost that night. It was a combination of bats not being there as well as Seager not getting to balls that he should have gotten to. Mookie’s attempt to steal the bag was the right one. It just didn’t work out.

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