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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Gives Bat to a Reds Fan in Awesome Moment

Needless to say, Dodgers superstar outfielder Mookie Betts has been a consummate professional ever since arriving to the big leagues in 2014. 

Those who have competed with him and against him throughout his decorated career will argue that Betts is the exemplary leader that organizations demand in the clubhouse. 

But during Sunday afternoon’s game against the Cincinnati Reds, it was an effort that the five-time All Star made with a fan in the stands that demonstrated how much of a class act Betts truly is. 

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Cincinnati outfielder TJ Friedl left the yard on a shot into the right field seats for what was the first major league hit of his career. 

Typically, it’s the fan who retrieves the ball that goes home with the souvenir to place on his or her shelf but this ball was obviously much more profound to Friedl and his family. 

After realizing that it was his first career hit and home run, Betts obtains Friedls’s ball from the Reds fan in exchange for a bat during the next half inning.

Moments as such elucidate, more than ever, why the elite talent Betts is on the field pales in comparison to the kind of human being he is day in and day out for Los Angeles.

WATCH: Mookie Betts Trades Reds Fans Bat to Get Rookie’s First Home Run Ball

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  1. Mookie’s parents brought him up well. Know he is not 100% and looking forward to him having a better season next year. Class act. I remember him distributing some extra food to the homeless during the playoffs when he was in Boston.

  2. Don’t forget the fan who tossed the ball back to Mookie without hesitation. He too is a class act. Many a fan who would “barter” the ball back to the requesting team/player for tickets or whatever. Kudos to the FAN!!!

  3. This is another example of why Mookie is a real leader. This is class and heart. He’s not doing these things only for his own teammates. He’s doing things because they are the right things to do. What he did probably wouldn’t even have entered the minds of most players. That goes beyond class, to heart.

  4. Mookie Betts,
    What a pleasure to watch play but so much more he repeatedly demonstrates what a Class Act he is. Others could and should become more like him.
    Thank you Mookie

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