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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Will Not Participate in the All-Star Game

The Dodgers are set to have 4 guys represent that at the All-Star Game in Denver this week. While 3 guys were originally voted in to be reserve players, Walker Buehler and Justin Turner were added to the roster on Saturday morning. 

But with that announcement also came one that Mookie Betts will not be playing. The Dodgers outfielder was taken off of the roster and his spot was awarded to teammate Justin Turner. The reason listed for Betts was injury-related. 

Betts has dealt with a number of injuries during the 2021 season, including a back injury that limited him early in the season. The Dodgers superstar also got hit hard in the forearm and had to sit out the next game.

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For now, it’s unclear if there is an additional injury to Betts or if he is nursing his current issues. The Dodgers have not released any information on a new injury for Betts. The team noted in a release today that he would not be playing in the Midsummer Classic. 

Betts isn’t putting up his normal offensive production in 2021, but he’s still having a decent year by league standards. Betts is still putting up an 800 OPS and an OPS+ of 122 through 77 games played. Betts is also 4th on the team in bWAR at 2.7 and is 3rd on the team in hits. 

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    1. If you want the most out of your investment he needs to rest to help extend his longevity. He is paid $365 million to play for the Dodgers not the MLB… If he doesn’t wanna play in the All-Star Game, he doesn’t have to. Try to look at things from a different perspective and understand why Mookie does the things that he does. That’s why he’s one of the best outfielders in the game! -A Loving Dodgers Fanatic

      1. You quote “He is paid $365 million to play for the Dodgers not the MLB… If he doesn’t wanna play in the All-Star Game, he doesn’t have to. ” explains why baseball is over with for tens of ,millions of former fans. They are not coming back. The game is in free fall with no parachute.

    1. Yes the break will probably do him some good. What really matters is that he’s ready for the real season.

  1. Justin Turner is not having an All-Star season; Kenley Jansen is. I am surprised that Mookie Betts has not been placed on the IL. He’s clearly not himself.

    1. I agree yet it’s complicated. Apparently more rest will help him heal yet the trainers don’t think he’ll hurt it if he keeps playing. They could put him on the IL but with all the possible replacements hurt or already filling in somewhere else he’s still the best option.
      At least we don’t hear him making excuses. He is admitting he’s having a bad season. In my opinion Mookie is a class act

  2. I was hoping JT decline the afterthought invite and recoup his ailing body. I guess he’s all of sudden he is healthy….well, I don’t want to see anymore lackadaisical and non hustling play from him, otherwise that’s selfishness from him for the team. Kudos to Mookie.
    Another thing on the pregame show, Hartung bragging there’s 5 All-Star Dodgers in the line-up tonight against the D-Backs. Well I guess it supposed to be a no contest. Hmmmm.

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