Dodgers Nation Poll Results: Roberts Approval Rating Plummets

A series of controversial moves by Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts has seen his approval ratings plummet over the last few weeks. Late inning bullpen decisions and questionable lineups have been questioned by fans following several heartbreaking losses in a row.

Every week since May 22, the Dodgers Nation twitter account has released a series of polls to gauge fan approval of the Dodgers’ performance throughout the season. None of the results of these polls have been as dynamic as those gauging Dave Roberts.

What Goes Up

By the All-Star break, Roberts approval ratings were at their highest point of the season. When asked “Do you approve of Dave Roberts job so far this season?” on July 23, 80% of responders said yes, with only 5% responding no. Those approval numbers have dropped significantly since then. Just take a look at this graph:

The most recent poll, conducted on August 13, showed his lowest approval rating since May 22 at only 45%:

These results are hardly surprising considering what happened on the Dodgers most recent road trip. Their series in Colorado was tragic, giving up leads to the Rockies in late innings for three straight games. Two of those games ended in walk-offs via a three-run home run and a bases-loaded walk.

The blame has fallen mostly on Roberts who, with Kenley Jansen sidelined, has struggled to fill the All-Star’s role.

Fans on twitter gave their view of Roberts’ decision making:

How do you feel about Roberts’ performance as of late? Can the blame for the Dodgers’ poor performance be placed squarely on his shoulders? If not, who does he share the burden with?

Respond in the comments below or tweet us @DodgersNation. You can also voice your opinion in our exclusive Dodgers Nation Facebook Group.

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Jacob Walters

Jacob Walters is a Los Angeles native and has been a Dodgers fan his entire life. He hopes to one day see the Dodgers release a bobblehead of Chan Ho Park scissor kicking Tim Belcher.


  1. Don’t listen been saying Robert’s is an loser…since last year…been saying give him the boot

  2. I opinion of Roberts has been the same for years, his handling of the bullpen is horrible. Take last night for example, anyone who has watched the Dodgers this year knows the the first inning that Meada pitches is his worst so he is NOT a closer. In last nights game Meada should not have been Roberts first choice, IMO I woud have given the ball to Ferguson.

  3. Baseball is game played on a field not on a computer. The lineup is never the same from one day till the next. I still can’t believe that Roberts puts up with Puig and his antics when Vendurgo is tearing up in the minors.

  4. While I agree that Roberts’ handling of the bullpen the past two years has been atrocious, I have to wonder why the front office didn’t make a move last month for at least a set up man, who could now be closing. The closer by committee thing ain’t gonna work.

    1. If you are doing closer by committee, then do it. Empty out the bullpen with lefty/righty matchups. Bring in a lefty to pitch to Macmahon rather than intentionally walking the bases loaded so a walk loses the game. Don’t have Alexander pitching to a stream of righties after he gets in trouble etc etc.

  5. The team has lost faith in him since he blew the World Series for them by over managing. Evident in the slow start this year. I think the front office has its hand to involved with the daily lineup and moves on the field. Can’t have it both ways. One or both need to go, as this system doesn’t work. Other teams go for the kill and get the players needed to but them over the top and win the WS, like the Cubs did with Chapman & Astros did with Verlander. God forbid we give up a top tier prospect.

  6. His handling of the bullpen is bad, no doubt. He singlehandedly lost game 2 in the WS last year. But what worries me and makes me think that they either won’t make the olayoffs this year or will lose before the WS is their inability to push over runs. Too little hit and running, too few bunts to move runners over. Almost nonstowln bases. They score mainly by home runs and this isn’t sustainable in the playoffs. I don’t know what the stat is, but they must be at the bottom of the league in hitting with RISP. I do blame Roberts for this. Other than Utley, who is reliable in moving runners over or at least making positive contact? Lots of swinging from the heels. I think that the mix of players is part of the problem. Tremendous talent, but not with complimentary players. Is this the year that not one Dodger steals 20 bases?

    Love the team, hope they get it together. But Roberts has not used offense fundamentals this year, IMO.

  7. Inconsistent lineups lead to inconsistent offense. FO should also take a shot here too. Tough business trying to make trades with GM’S who want to take you. Still, it is there business to get it done. Don’t trade prospects, and don’t call them either. FO is also responsible for not making Verlander happen. Cost us a WS.

  8. Enough is enough. DR is really screwed up. Why 2 intentional walks in 9th vs Rox. Then Floro walks in winning run. Next night, poor CK, another masterpiece down the drain. Could have gone 1 more inning as no one was touching him, but oh no, got to look at analytics. Why does lefty Alexander come in to face 3 right hand hitters and then have no one up in the pen . And fans are right, never know who in hell is going to play anymore. Poor Ferguson, best we have, but can’t use him 2 nights in a row because he MIGHT be tired.

  9. Message to All Dodgers Nation writers – get the front office to listen to the fans and get at least one reliable relief pitcher NOW, before it’s too late, if it’s not already.

    Most of the fans criticisms above are valid, but is anyone in power there listening?
    Or, as Casey Stengel said of the 1962 Mets, “Doesn’t anybody here now how to play this game?”

    Except for the terrible, inept bullshit pen, this year’s team has battled to overcome several key injuries and is still in contention. Don’t blame the whole team for the mistakes of the manager and even more the stupidity of the front office.

  10. It gets worse every game. Why would Roberts remove Hernandez when he was shredding Giant pitching so that Bellinger could pop out after one pitch and leave the Dodgers without any position players by the 9th. inning of 8/16 game. What the hell?

    Seeing way too many coaching blunders for a team of this caliber. It sucks because I really like Roberts. Blunders none the less.

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