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Dodgers: New Year’s Resolution for LA Discussed by Andy McCullough

The Dodgers have triumphed in the regular season and faltered in the postseason. It has become something of a pattern. They don’t spend money on top free agents, they win 100+ games, and then fail when it matters most. There is a reason why this continues to happen and it lies in the front office’s hands.

In a recent column for The Athletic, former Dodgers beat reporter Andy McCullough discussed New Year’s resolutions for all 30 major league clubs. For the Dodgers, his suggestion was very basic, but full of truth.

The primary point was:

“Learn from the past.”

For the Dodgers in particular, this should be something to live by going forward. They have not seemed to learn from the past. They lost two World Series and then proceeded to lose to the Washington Nationals in a heartbreaking NLDS Game 5.

Here is the specific excerpt pertaining to the Dodgers:

“Are the Dodgers doomed to suffer through repetition? Thus far, they have done little in response to their stunning, first-round defeat to Washington. President of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has made few changes to the roster. Manager Dave Roberts has ignored criticism over his tactical decisions. The team appears content to treat October as a fluke, rather than as a reason to change. Perhaps this is wise; Friedman and Roberts have earned the benefit of the doubt. But they risk the team falling victim to a hangover, as the group did to start the 2018 season. The Dodgers still have plenty of time to find some upgrades on the trade market in January, and to do something to show their fans they learned from their latest loss.”

October is a fluke. It really is. However, there are ways to make it less likely to observe a fluke outcome and that is by strengthening the roster at the top. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has said that he expects tremendous roster turnover, but where is it? There is time left before the season and a trade deadline that has yet to be approached, but it would behoove the club to make moves both now and later rather than solely scramble later.

The Dodgers need to strike first and strike hard — learning from their failed past might be the strongest step forward.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…heard it all before. Fool me once…Shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!. I’m not believing anything anyone says about the Dodgers making a move until they actually make one! That could be a very long time for Friedman to pull the trigger on a move that makes this Dodger roster better. NOTE, I said a VERY LONG TIME. Do what you’ve always done, GET WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS GOTTEN!

    1. Right on Blue! Now the excuse is ” Oct is just a fluke!” I say listen fellow Dodger fans,the true reality is ,33 years is 33 years.We ran Donny D.D. and McCourt out of town, we can do the same with the money ball con men! Friedman better act because the villagers are beyond restless after 33 years. They better save face because now the pressure is on. One bad stretch even in the regular season and they’ ll really understand what the word FLUKE means! Go L.A. fans!!!

    2. His big move will come in July and it’ll be some over hyped 3.75 ERA pitcher that everyone talks about as a great get for the pennant race

      1. The usual Don. We ran Donny and McCourt out of town, we can do the same with the genius money ball . 33 years is 33 years

        1. I just hope fans don’t forget when spring arrives and they gush over the new stadium. I’ve got a feeling they’ll be conned again this year

    1. Hangover from getting humiliated and demoralized after a 100+ win season where they thought they were a lock to win the whole thing.

    2. Hangover from too many late night Pool games. and..oh yes, an injured Seager limited to 26 games. and oh yes, JT missing significant time with a broken wrist. Terrible hangover. Worst hangover in the history of America.

      “Baseball may be a religion full of magic, cosmic truth, and the fundamental ontological riddles of our time, but it’s also a job.”
      Annie Savoy-Bull Durham

  2. The Nats and Astros were the 2019 WS teams and mainly they were in it because of great starting pitching and a decent BP with a more balnced lineup approach. Dodgers simply did not have enough when it came time to face the elite teams with better pitching than what they on many occasions saw during the regular season, especially in their own division.

    1. If you’re being honest you’ll admit the Nats faced the Dodgers because of a fortuitous bounce against the Brewers. I don’t hold it against the Brewers because that’s what you need sometimes to win. The Nats, however, had the worst bullpen in the majors – even after their trade deadline pickups – but masked it magnificently in the playoffs with their starting staff. Even so, it took some bonehead pitching decisions by Roberts to get by. The Dodgers – BTW – had better record against NL teams outside their division than division than within including a winning record against the Nats. Yep means nothing because the Nats won when it counted but there it is. I don’t mind piling on because that’s the nature of things when you lose but don’t lose all perspective.

      1. Bum, isn’t it amazing what stats we can find in the regular season? The Nat’s had 3 starters from their farm on the playoff roster. The Dodgers when Pederson lead off, and Buehler or Kersh pitched had 6. The Nat’s 3 had batting avg ‘ s over 300. The Dodgers 5 had batting avg, of 230. Against the Brewers, those 3 Nat’s players put on that winning rally that had the lucky bounce on that line drive base hit from Soto. What I’m getting at is the Nat’s only keep the farm guys that are 300 hitters. Rendon Soto, Taylor remained in the org because they hit! The Dodgers Pederson,Lux,Smith,Seager,Bell, all flopped. Pederson especially remains on this team with a 230 avg. Taylor, keke , the same. This is why the Dodgers continue to struggle in Oct. None of them hit in any season. Teams that win do!

    2. Yep Paul. And both of those teams spent big money! Nat’s bought Sherzer and Corbin. Eaton,Howie,their catcher, Hudson etc . Astros, Verlander Cole,Harris etc. The veterans won it for the Nat’s. They had a few home grown guys but they sure as heck weren’t starting their farm team! Astros have quite a few homegrown guys, but bought their guns on the mound! Something the Dodgers will not do, hence is why this fan base has had it up to our necks! Car insurance is pricey with full coverage. Friedman likes to let the policy run out, and cover old vehicles at minimum. Then say the agents wouldn’t call him back but he tried!

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