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Dodgers News: 7 Prospects on Keith Law’s Top 100

Today, Keith Law released his Top 100 prospects list on ESPN Insider. On the list were seven Los Angeles Dodgers prospects, including two in the top five. Those two weren’t exactly surprises, though. The Dodgers’ depth is just nutty.

The top overall prospect on the list was Los Angeles’ own Corey Seager, with Julio Urias coming in ranked fifth. Urias was the top rated left-handed pitcher and second highest rated overall pitch, training only Washington’s Lucas Giolito.

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From Keith Law about number one overall prospect Corey Seager:

Seager is the game’s best prospect, a superlative hitter who projects to do everything at the plate and might even be able to do it at shortstop for a year or two before becoming a top-flight defender at third base.

To be fair, the last part of what Law writes there is the concern with Seager. A lot of people feel that Seager will have to eventually move to third base since he’ll likely outgrow shortstop, but, then again, a lot of that same stuff has been said about Houston shortstop Carlos Correa. We’ll see if they eventually move.

Law wasn’t done, though, and had this to say about Urias:

Three plus pitches and a great delivery point to potential ace upside, and the main challenge for Urias to get there will be to stay healthy as the team starts to ramp up his workload now that he’ll be the age of a typical first-year pro who signed out of high school.

One of the prevailing storylines of the season for the Dodgers will be how well Urias is doing down in the minors since he’s a candidate to start the 2017 season in the Majors.

If you’re wondering where the five other Dodgers prospects were slated, then wonder no more. Alex Verdugo was 51st, Jose De Leon checked in at 60th, Grant Holmes was ranked 71st, Yusniel Diaz was 77th, and Cody Bellinger came in at 92nd.

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