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Dodgers News: Astros Lawsuit Gets Some Backing, LA Closes in on Top Prospect, Justin Turner Concerns, and More!

The Dodgers are in full offseason mode, meaning they are now involved in every major trade and free agent rumor out there. Buckle in for a long offseason, because it’s probably going to be like this into March for the reigning World Series Champions. Let’s dive into some of the news from the past week! 

Former Dodgers pitcher Mike Bolsinger is taking advantage of the latest lawsuit against the Houston Astros. Bolsinger alleges that Houston is part of the reason he was not able to get a job in the big leagues after the Astros rocked him in 2016.

MLB: Former Dodgers Pitcher Bolsters Lawsuit Against Cheating Astros

Los Angeles is reportedly close to making another huge international signing. Jesus Galiz is one of the top international prospects available this period, and he apparently chose LA over the Yankees. It also adds to the team’s depth at the catching position, perhaps making Keibert Ruiz a trade chip. 

Dodgers Reportedly Close to Signing MLB Pipeline’s Top Ranked International Catcher

With all of the rumors surrounding Justin Turner this week, we did a deep dive into why we believe he could very well leave Los Angeles. It hurts to say, but JT heading to an American League team might just make too much sense. 

Dodgers: Why Justin Turner Could Actually Leave Los Angeles

Speaking of Justin Turner, the aging third baseman is reportedly already in contact with an AL team. The Toronto Blue Jays have kept tabs on JT and already reached out to discuss adding his talent to their young and competitive roster. 

Dodgers: Justin Turner in Contact With at Least One Other Team

The Dodgers could potentially pull a fast one and add a starting pitcher for the 2021 season. With the recent Cubs news, a Yu Darvish reunion isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibilities. 

Dodgers: Could Los Angeles Start to Explore a Yu Darvish Reunion?

And finally, one ESPN writer is really making us get our hopes up with the Francisco Lindor to the Dodgers rumors. He argues that LA could flat out give up on Gavin Lux and ship him out, shifting around the entire infield. 

Dodgers: ESPN Suggests LA Could Consider Moving Gavin Lux to Land Francisco Lindor

All of that news and more! Stay with us all offseason long as we report on the latest and greatest in MLB hot stove rumors and moves, including your Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Dodgers: MLB Writer Believes Gavin Lux Will Need to Win Back a Starting Job


  1. Sorry to harp on this but it’s all about Money! The Dodgers lost North of $100 Million last year and 2021 doesn’t look that great either! I doubt any team not named the NY Mets will be signing long-term or huge $ contracts until the Pandemic is controlled.
    The Dodgers have more than enough rotational pitching and the surplus will end up in the Bullpen.
    They may sign Turner and I hope they do but like every other team in Professional Sports they are gushing money and until it stops most teams are going to be very hesitant to commit to huge deals. I am hoping they sign a proven bullpen guy like Hand but who knows. It’s all about the money and the Teams must satisfy their investors.
    If you are a free agent this is a bad year to need a contract. If players are smart they will sign a short-term deal and hope 2022 is better. If I were in that situation I would give a super deal to a first-class organization like the Dodgers with Warm weather and grass fields. And a good chance to win a ring!

    1. Hopefully they lock up Seager long term before the season starts. That is my expectation, I think there is mutual motivation to get that done. I’m pretty certain they won’t take on any other major long term contracts, maybe Lemahieu at 3 or 4 years, but not anyone that would involve 100M or more. Not so much the money total, but the years and financial flexibility, that is how Friedman rolls, which is why their success has been so sustainable.

    1. I would just focus on the bullpen because let’s face it the only reason they didn’t flameout this time is because it was a short season. But even so, Friedman tried his hardest to burn them out. If it wasn’t for Urias eating innings I don’t think we would’ve finished it off

  2. Will Smith and Austin Barnes make K. Ruiz expendable, not a 16 year old who is 5 years away. With Ruiz, Cartaya, and this kid, Dodgers smartly loading up with trade chips in a league that is seriously lacking in catching talent.

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