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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger Headed to the Injured List

The rough 2021 season for Cody Bellinger continues this week in Colorado. With the team set to take on the Rockies in a big 3-game series, they will be without their former National League MVP winner. 

The Dodgers made a move on Tuesday night before the Rockies series. They placed Bellinger on the injured list with that rib injury that has slowed him down for the past week. That injury apparently came on a collision with Gavin Lux in the outfield last week. 

Bellinger has been out of the Dodgers lineup since Friday in Cincinnati. He was initially in the lineup for Tuesday, but Dave Roberts said in his pregame media session that there was a good chance he was going to be scratched.

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That move unfortunately doesn’t leave much time for Bellinger to get things figured out. If everything heals up nicely, he could be back with the Dodgers early next week. But that only leaves him a handful of games to get rolling before the playoffs. All of that to say, the timing is not ideal.

In his place, the Dodgers added Luke Raley to the active roster. Raley had made the trip up to Colorado just in case they needed to place Bellinger on the IL. He will start in right field tonight with Mookie Betts shifting over to center. 

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  1. “That move unfortunately doesn’t leave much time for Bellinger to get things figured out”

    It wasn’t ‘that move’ the caused Bellinger to run out of time…The move was made BECAUSE Bellinger had already ran out of time, making the move necessary.

    1. I agree he should just pack it in until next season.
      Total drag on the team striking out so much.
      And Way below the Mendoza line to boot.
      Need anyone that can get on base instead of him at this point.

  2. I’ve never been so happy that a player can’t play for us. He should have been sent somewhere to get things worked out. Besides hurting the team, his mental health likely suffered as well.

  3. I wish Bellinger the best….. What a relief, the Dodgers will be playing their best available options now. Now just keep Mckinnley souza and Mckinstry where they are and keep Lux and Beaty for left. Things are FINALLY headed in the right direction for this team….Go Dodgers…….

      1. Beaty will be gone next year. DRRRRRRRRRRR’s got his way……I guess Raley is better than Beaty now…….What do we know though, “ALL that depth” ……. I don’t expect Roberts to make the right move regarding his bench situation. He did well with the pitching last night though…And thank God for Pujols………

        1. Kirk with the exception of Pujols, this year’s Dodger bench is a far cry from last year’s anyway. But what really irks me is that dumb DRRRRACTUALY had Bellinger in yesterday’s starting lineup. Roberts went on to say that by next week he hopes Bellinger can be back to ,help us win ball games, Can you believe that? I read about what DRRRRR said about that last night and I was so disgusted with him I couldn’t believe it.

          1. It’s that DRRRRRRRR’s headscratcher philosophy Paul. Keepem all guessing, Players, family, other teams managers all saying WTF is he doing? Keeping everyone confused including himself is his Master plan….

  4. I think someone in th FO finally had enough when they saw that Roberts put Bellinger in tonite’s lineup.
    So Roberts replaces him with Luke Raley instead of Beaty?

    1. Tim, Roberts reminds me of the Girl in the movie Airplane…. Kareem and Peter graves had fish so both pilots are sick and she get’s on the mic to the passengers ” EVERYONE remain calm and in your seats!!, and “IS there anyone that knows how to fly a Plane!!!!!!!!” ———————– The Luke Raley move to a T……

      1. LOL but true. Roberts is HIGHLY MISTAKEN if he thinks even for a minute that Bellinger will turn it around by the end of the regular season. He is such a joke it’s not even funny!!!

  5. They’ve been without him the whole year and he’s not going to suddenly figure out what’s wrong in the last week of the season. Until he stops being a liability at the plate, he needs to shut it down and start working towards next year.

  6. Thank you. Pollack back in and Bellinger out sounds good to me. Lux is still hot. Right now, Mookie, Pollack, Lux, and Taylor (when healthy) are the best outfield options for the Dodgers.

      1. Pollock hopefully remains hot…I’ve come to grips Paul that DRRRRRRR’s no matter how blatantly obvious situations call for , stumbling and bumbling is his MO. It’s the “Headscratcher” game plan technique used to cause sheer confusion on (Everyone) opposing managers , fans, his family, players on both teams say ‘WTF is he doing?” it’s his way of keeping everyone guessing ! Including himself….His latest out of the bleachers in right field experiment moment was the answer that NOBODY sees coming and his name is LUKE Raley…….

  7. He Should be headed out the door… two sucky seasons… will they actually give him 3???

    1. That’s funny Kingman…… Hey I’ve got lot’s of family in Lodi….. Good Ol’e Mickey Grove….We’ve had several family reunions there…..The kids always felt sorry for that white tiger they kept at the zoo in that 110 degree heat….

  8. If that minor bump with Lux broke a rib, he’s too injury-prone to invest much time and effort in getting him normal.

  9. To be fair, Raley had a hit last night, but just saying his name and seeing him out there caused me to cringe. He also K’d twice. It’s just stunning that the Dodgers are still trotting out the “Raley’s of the world” especially in games that are so meaningful.
    Where’s Tsutsugo, when you need him? Lol

  10. Get out of your dream world Brooks. He has had all season to “figure out” his failure at the plate. At least now it’s out of Roberts hands to not play him. The problem is now he has another 160 hitter to use. I don’t care how bad Beatty’s defense is. Until Pollack comes back and Taylor gets better he should be in the lineup. Hopefully, that imagined injury will keep Beli out of the postseason too.

  11. Is it too late to out him on the 60 day, this way we can be assured he won’t play again this season.

  12. Do any of you here remember that stretch in September of 2017 when the Dodgers lost 16 of 17 games? Roberts took the team’s foot off the gas pedal and day after day after day kept putting that totally inept Granderson in the lineup over guys like Verdugo and Ethier at the time.

    1. Yes I do, and as i recall he had Puig who was just raking off the charts sitting and we were all wondering WTF? It’s that DRRRRRRRRR’s headscratcher philosophy Paul. He keeps everyone guessing, Players, fans,his family, even HIMSELF…..For the element of Surprise… Like last nights line up: Bellinger on the I-L, so he sits Taylor “Probably told Beaty to go home” and pulls out YES LUKE RALEY from the bleachers with his 165 BA………That’s DRRRRRRRRRRR’s for Ya!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I couldn’t get over the fact that the dumb manager actually had Bellinger in the starting lineup last night! And thise DRRRRR still was saying he hopes to get him back sometime next week because according to DRRRRR, he wants Bellinger back to ‘help us win ball games’ Look, time has run out for Bellinger to turn it around even a tiny bit this year.

  13. Belli’s time with the Dodgers has come to an end. He will be traded to a new team next year.

      1. Then he needs to be fired. I’ve said this god knows how many times, but we need a new manager. Mike Sciosa would be a great replacement.

  14. Pollock has the experience in CF if CT3 needs a bit more time. He may not be a gold glove but can cover the position and his bat speaks for itself. I’m good with Lux, Pollock and Betts in the OF until Taylor can play. But everyone in the world except DRRRR knows Bellinger is done for the year.

  15. Hey Kirk …….. I think that you may have hit on a possibility when you said “not if DRRRRRRRR’s” manager” …. If the Dodgers fail to meet expectations in the playoffs, someone will be the “fall guy”.

    1. And I’m sure ya noticed that Bellinger’s IL stint was made retroactive to Sept. 18 so DRRR can get his boy Bellinger back in the starting lineup before seasons end. How amazing, LOL

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