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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Not Liking Sloppy Play He’s Seeing From LA

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Dodgers looked far from their contending selves they’ve shown over the past few seasons, and it continued a concerning stretch where mediocrity has become a staple for the team.

The Dodgers played three games at home against the then-third place San Francisco Giants.

Three losses later, including a historically bad 15-0 rout on Saturday, and the Dodgers fell to third place in the NL West for themselves, four games behind the division-leading Arizona Diamondbacks.

It certainly isn’t the end for the Dodgers hopes in 2023, but as they approach the halfway point of the season, it was clearly the low point for Los Angeles and an illuminating message that things have to change immediately.

For manager Dave Roberts, he certainly isn’t happy with where things stand, per J.P. Hoornstra of the Orange County Register.

“If you look back at this two-week stretch, there’s a lot of things we’re not doing well,” Roberts said. “We’re not playing clean baseball, fundamental baseball. I think it’s going back to, not just trying to win, but focus on the little things: catching the baseball, minimize walks, throwing to the right base, not getting thrown out on the bases. Executing a pickoff play – those are the things that are coming back to haunt us. Typically we’re much better at that.”

Speaking of not playing fundamental baseball, the team’s difficulties of late hitting with runners in scoring position haunted them on Sunday.

The Dodgers went 2-for-13 in that area in the 7-3 defeat, dropping their batting average in that crucial scenario to .259, a 13-point dip from their MLB-leading mark of .272 last season.

Although the first problem that comes to mind with the Dodgers this year is a leaky bullpen — one that potentially could lead to changes down the line — it was starter Tony Gonsolin who lost control in the series finale, as he was charged with seven runs allowed in the loss, putting a cap on what was clearly the team’s worst series in what has been an up-and-down season to date.

The Dodgers are 5-10 in June with critical series against the Angels, Rockies, and Royals coming up, sandwiched between three home games against the Astros.

Coming into the year, you wouldn’t have thought that those sets would be considered critical, but in this prolonged stretch of mediocrity, they could play a big role in the Dodgers’ decision making come the August 1st MLB trade deadline.

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Matt Wagner

Matt Wagner was born and raised in southern California, and he lived there before moving to Colorado and getting his B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2022. He relocated back to southern California in 2023 and is looking forward to covering the Dodgers again here at Dodgers Nation. Some of his past work is in Bleacher Report, Dodgers Tailgate, and, most recently, Colorado Buffaloes Wire. Aside from writing, you can probably catch him petting the nearest dog or eating some good Mexican food.


  1. It’s too bad the Dodgers don’t have and old fashioned “butt kicker” like Tommy Lasorda. Many of the mistakes (fielding, running bases, etc.) are a lack of concentration. Tommy could – and would – enlighten them as to where their head should be after they remove it from it’s present location.

  2. Dodgers have descended into sloppy play by not correcting earlier misplays and not doing the “little things” right. Mookie’s base running gaffe was inexcusable. Outman’s horrible errant throw to home is an example of not having cutoff men in right places, outfielders not hitting the cutoff man, not having proper backups. this is Little League stuff! Dodgers still don’t know how to tag runners: they go for stab the body instead of swipe the hands.

  3. I know this is probably going to get a lot of negative responses, but ever since the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” debacle, the team has gone slowly downhill. Playing like they don’t have a clue on what they should do on the field or on the bases, and looking pathetic at the plate. Plus, the injury bug is biting an awfully lot right now. It’s true, God doesn’t root for one team over another. But when you openly mock God, as the so called “Sisters” do, and then your organization honors them with a community service award, well. let’s just say, things are less likely to break your way!

  4. don’t worry.. a few days with the Grand Inquisitor and a couple of blood-letting sessions with leeches should fix things..
    if not.. we’ll call the Exorcist..

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