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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Opens Up Of His Philosophical Changes Over The Past Seven Seasons

There’s a reason Dave Roberts was able to coach the Dodgers to 111 wins and to three World Series appearances (one championship) during this seven-year tenure. Roberts was not able to win the Manager of the Year Award, but his accomplishments this season can’t be understated.

Roberts points towards the philosophies he has changed over the years that have led to the success he has had so far. The ultimate goal is to win championships and Doc continues to bring the team as close as possible to the goals.

The relationship he chooses to develop with his players goes a long way (quotes via MLB Network).

“Number one. Well, one part of it is I’ve gotten to know my players more, they’ve gotten to know me. But I think something that really stands out for me, Greg, is I am using — and not to say that I didn’t use my gut or my eyes, and there’s a lot of talk of data and analytics, and for me I wouldn’t be the manager that I am if I didn’t value it”

It’s always the right move to try and connect with your team in some way to help them follow your lead and it seems he won’t look to change that philosophy anytime soon.

“But I think with anything, the more time you have, the more experience, the more you have relationships with people that you work with, you can kind of, not necessarily go rogue, but you can kind of expand a little bit more on decisions in game. And it’s been great. For me, I feel like I’m blessed to be a part of this organization. Andrew [Friedman], like I said, we have a great relationship. So, I’ve grown like that.”

It’s clear the vision for Andrew Friedman is to keep Roberts with the Dodgers for many more seasons to come. The Dodgers will continue to make moves among their roster and hopefully, the communication and transparency with the players will help propel Roberts to his second World Series title.

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  1. I think the best philosophy involving managers was shown in Philadelphia with Mr. Girrardi. In order to create a sense of urgency for players the manager Girrardi was canned and replaced with the bench coach. The new manager’s philosophy was to realize that he was next inline. He informed the players that he would take some of them if they didn’t start hitting and fielding before the same happened to him. Their collective livelihood threatened, the team responded and played as well as any team in the league the rest of the year. That is east coast philosophy of course but it is just as effective in the west.

  2. Please stop with the constant Dave Roberts blurbs! He is the worst manager in baseball and the greatest thing the Dodgers could do is eat his salary (which they should never have extended) and get someone with cajones and common sense. I’m sick of you and others quoting how many wins and division titles and one World Series win he has. How about all we lost because of his ridiculous choking decisions. My great great grandmother could have won more Championships with the rosters we’ve had… AND SHE’S BEEN DEAD FOR TWO HUNDRED YEARS. With the money our team spends and the players we get… and one lousy World Series title under Roberts NON-LEADERSHIP IS DISGUSTING.

    For the record I was born in Brooklyn… my first big league game was at Ebbets Field on September 30, 1956… the last regular season game Jackie Robinson ever played. MY FAMILY ACTUALLY MOVED WITH THE DODGERS FROM NEW YORK TO LOS ANGELES AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. I am telling you from over sixty years of living and dying with MY BELOVED BUMS (My Granddaughter’s name is BROOKLYN!) Roberts is the worst manager in modern history!

    Here’s what your endless articles about Roberts and his epitaph should be:


    PS it’s especially galling in the playoffs… when other managers are playing chess… he’s not even playing checkers… he’s playing Parcheesi!

    PSS Just from an optics point of view it’s embarrassing during big games when they show Roberts pulling out what looks like a grocery list from his wife… with a look on his face… like he’s in anguish and about to cry… because he has no idea what to do.

    Rick “SHAQ” Goldstein

  3. Why is roberts given credit for regular season, but not for playoffs.
    In fact, he has denied any responsibility for the playoffs.

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