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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Takes Responsibility For Back-to-Back NLDS Exits

The Dodgers 2023 season is over. After a magical regular season that saw the club win 100 games once again, the roster put together its worst postseason effort in decades. They were swept by the 84 win Arizona Diamondbacks. In 2022 the Dodgers at least won a game and in 2019, that team at least took it to a game 5.

This is going to be another loss that is tough to bounce back from. It’s also one that could actually spark seismic change from this Dodger organization. After the 4-2 loss in Arizona, a dejected Dave Roberts admitted he’s got to do more to get his players ready for the animal that is the MLB Postseason.

“It doesn’t matter if it was a seven-game series, we lost the first three games. For me, I’ve got to do a better job of figuring out a way to get our guys prepared for the postseason. I’ll own that. I think we’ve got great players. I’ve got to figure out a way to get these guys prepared for whatever format, whatever series. Yeah, the regular season, I think we do a great job. But the last couple of postseasons it just hasn’t gone well for us and so I’ve got to figure it out.”

Now, one correlation to what Dave is saying and what the Dodgers have faced is the new five day lay off for top-seeded teams as the postseason begins. The Dodgers are not the only team that has struggled with the layoff. The 101 win Baltimore Orioles, for example, were swept by the Wild Card Texas Rangers this year.

Last year, the LA offense struggled in a four game series loss against the San Diego Padres.

What exactly the manager can do to fix something like keeping a team ready over a long layoff is tough to figure out. And this Dodger front office is going to spend the next few weeks think tanking what they can do differently. Or what they should do differently this winter when it comes to the leadership of this team in the dugout.

For now, we say congratulations to the Arizona Diamondbacks for advancing to the National League Championship Series.

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  1. So far as I can tell, Dave Roberts is a good man and a smart baseball mind. But I wouldn’t call him a good manager, though from what I hear he’s hamstrung by analytics. Regardless, in spite of two stellar seasons in a row, with the postseason collapses, I think he’s a dead man walking as manager. Maybe he’ll be replaced and we’ll find out he is a genius as the team struggles to win 80 games. But the Dodgers front office wants more than a division title so I’m guessing he’ll be gone next year. Would it have been different with Urias, Buehler and May? Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter, you can’t fire a team so you fire the manger. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  2. Unfortunately this is not his first rodeo. He has proven time and time again that given the most talented team in the league he cannot win the big one. This team should have at least 3 championships during his tenure and with a top notch manager I believe they would have. Mike Scioscia would fit that bill I believe. It is time for a change! We were completely out matched, scouting, coaching, it was not even close. They knew exactly where to put the pitches to neutralize everyone! It is disgusting!!

    1. Your dead on R S III I’ve been saying this over the past 8 years. Roberts is a loser when it counts ! And will always be one ! Sick of the lack of management with this and previous teams. From front office down to to DOC. I am personally GLAD they were swept. Its the only way to get rid of this BS ! I’m sure they won’t print this, as I’ve bad mouthed DOC and the rest of idiots that run this team !

    2. You’re exactly right!! I’ve been urging the Dodgers to fix a 24-year wrong by bringing back Scioscia. Roberts is a bench coach. Time to make some moves to secure future rings. And it all starts with firing Roberts! “But but but- his winning percentage” ANY coach could have that kind of record with the talent this team has had the past 11 years. The proof is in the postseason. Honestly, the only reason they won it in 2020 is because the Tampa coach pulled Snell, who the Dodgers hitters had NO answer for…

  3. Winning Regular season games is “nice” but losing these games in the playoffs are devastating!! Makes no sense when we have a manager that time and time again fails in the big moments. He’s had some of the best teams ever w very little to show for it. We NEED A CHANGE. We Dodger faithfuls are very disappointed and losing interest! ?

    1. Every year same results they won 100 games the last two years and couldn’t win in post season it only makes sense to make a change or we can expect the same results again.

  4. I have seen more then enough…The Dodgers diid something special to do what they did in the regular season and losing four starting pitchers.Where is the preparation for the playoffs?How can Mookie and Friedman forget how to hit?They have won World Series Championships! Roberts still doesn’t understand how to manage pitchers.Fire him and run stupid AS_ Plashke for guaranteeing that the Dodgers will win the World Series like Roberts said last season!Add some tough minded Dominican DOGS to this line up aleady!

  5. Robert’s is not the problem. Players pitch and hit and the lack thereof. Need consistent hitting and much better pitching. Put some money in a couple top notch dependable

  6. Players play and managers manage and Roberts makes poor managerial decisions.He has proven this over and over again.

    1. I would just like to know what the poor managerial decisions Roberts made this playoff season. The players did not execute and that’s that. Roberts can’t pitch or hit. Everyone is a genius afterward. Did you expect Kersh to throw like he did in game 1? Miller in game 2? For all intended purposes, Lin was doing fine until his disastrous inning.

      I give Roberts credit for managing the bullpen the way he did.

  7. Deja vu, Dodger Blue of 2022.. Bats went to sleep, Defense stunk, as in Muncy dribble, not removing a pitcher until his 4th straight home run given. No surprises here..

  8. You are not going to win long term with journey men players that end up forced to be starters. I think the Dodgers do the best in the league at finding veteran players that can still play “at times” at a higher level but eventually they turn back into the players they were when the Dodgers picked them up. We have no stud left fielder, a sometimes promising center fielder, an older right fielder that had “his” best year in a long time, multiple average infielders (that give it their all every game) a third baseman that sucks defensively but plays because he hits occasional home runs, the lowest hitting back up catcher in the league and a starting rotation that was decimated by injuries. All that being said we still win the national west division for the hundredth year in a row. This is not the manager’s fault, he’s playing with the cards he was dealt. This is a system that management has chosen to go with for the past several years. Good enough to win but not good enough to win it all.

  9. You gentlemen are both correct. I have been a Dodger fan since Brooklyn. How many times have we heard Roberts say that he has to do a better job in preparing them for a long playoff run? It is well beyond the time for the front office/ownership of this organization to get him out of the dugout. He has admitted that he was out coached the past two years, it needs to stop now.

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