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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Using NLDS Loss as Motivation to ‘Get Better’ Next Season

Manager, Dave Roberts, may have given the exact message Dodgers fans are tired of hearing. They will look to “get better” next season. 

Yes of course Roberts meant no harm when mentioning that this season shouldn’t define the team, but instead it should be used as motivation for a better season. All the torment from the end of the season still remains fresh but all that’s left for the team now is to keep on looking forward (quotes via Jack Harris, Los Angeles Times).


  1. He promised the same thing after the loss to Braves in NLCS last year. And the team didn’t get as far this year. So if his promises hold true in 23’ the Dodgers will be a wild card team and lose!

  2. So what motivation gimmick did Roberts use last year? I don’t understand the Dodgers leadership..When other teams have a major melt down like the Dodgers did, the manager is the first position to be removed. Look what the Phillies did with their manager mid season. Now they are World Series Champion contenders.

  3. Roberts has plenty of time on his hands to think about a new excuse. Hey, Roberts, why not just say the team is going to win the 2023 WS.

  4. R U kidding me. How much better can they get. When the bottom half of your team is averaging a 220 or below batting pct you can get a lot better. If you had a manager who had a clue how to manage the bullpen and stop pulling starters in the 5th after only throwing 80 pitches you can get a lot better.

  5. I hope he doesn’t again “Guarantee” that the Dodgers will win the World Series because all that does is put a target on their back. Our good friends in San Diego do NOT need that kind of motivation because to them the LA/SD competition has always been THE rivalry.

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