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Dodgers News: Dodger Stadium Has Most Expensive Average Ticket Prices for 2023 Season

Nowadays everything costs a pretty penny. You just can’t escape it as inflation has started a rise in prices everywhere. Sports aren’t exempt from this as ticket prices have started to be on the rise all across the county. Some teams prices are still low but that’s in part due to the performance of the team and the demand for tickets. In baseball, look no further than your Los Angeles Dodgers as the prime example of how on-field success translate to fans having to pay some hefty prices to get into the ballpark. 

According to Statista, the Dodgers have the most expensive ticket prices across Major League Baseball. You can see the top-10 list below

This isn’t really much of a surprise as LA has seen success with the team for over 10 years now and the Dodgers organization knows that the city wants to come to the park to watch the games. It’s all supply and demand and in Los Angeles, the demand is high.

Just look at the other top teams on the list and where the teams are located. New York, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. All of these are big market teams and within those markets are loyal fans who will shell out money to watch their teams. And if you want to add in the team that sits in sixth place, the St. Louis Cardinals, they have a rich baseball history as well and have one of the bigger fanbases.

Also one interesting fact here is that seven of the top-10 teams on this list have all won at least one World Series since 2000. Winnings teams equal higher prices, it’s that simple.

However, it is telling that even in a city like Los Angeles that has so much to do and so much going on, that fans still want to pay these prices to come watch the team. The Dodgers clearly have a bond with the city that only rivals the Lakers out here and it’s a special thing. 

Yes, the ticket prices are sky-high and nobody enjoys that part but if higher ticket prices means on-field success, surely most fans would sign up for that. 

Everything costs more out in California anyway so why not the sporting events too. They don’t get a free pass so this is expected.

Winning isn’t cheap, so as long as the team continues to win on the field, we should all expect to keep paying these prices to attend the games.

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Matt Levine

Matt earned a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from Louisiana State University in 2021. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, growing up a huge fan of the Dodgers and Lakers. Matt Kemp was his favorite Dodgers player growing up.


  1. yep… charge the fans more and give them a mediocre team… with low level management…

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