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Dodgers News: ESPN Analyst Bothered With The Idea Of LA Going After Aaron Judge

The Dodgers being out of the postseason supplies Dodgers fans with much speculation of what the Dodgers will do to improve the team for next season. Among the noise that has come out revolves around Yankees start outfielder Aaron Judge who opted to not sign an extension last season and is now poised to hit free agency.

Judge took a bet on himself and is believed he will make upwards of $400 million after the record breaking season he finished with. To keep Dodgers fans wanting more, it has also been rumored that the Dodgers are making a serious push in acquiring Judge this off-season.

It was reported Mookie Betts is fine with shifting to second base and have Judge play in the right field, but ESPN analyst Chris “Mad Dog” Russo went on a tirade of how he feels about the Dodgers reportedly in the running for Judge (quotes via First Take, ESPN).

“This is a franchise that gave $180 million to Freeman, they gave Mookie Betts $400 million and they have more money than God ever won since ’88 in a 162 game schedule and now they want to bring in Judge to play right field? The Dodgers did absolutely nothing offensively against San Diego when they lost, and Judge by the way wasn’t exactly (Babe) Ruth and (Lou) Gehrig against the Guardians and the Astros! But now the Dodgers, who don’t spend enough money, got to spend another $400 million? Enough with the Dodgers going out there and poaching all these players from organizations. That has me bothered!”

Judge can possibly bring extra hitting power and play in the outfield for the Dodgers, but this move will surely mean the end of Clayton Kershaw and Trea Turner. Both are set to hit free agency and the Dodgers have much more needed holes to fill throughout the roster. 

It remains to be seen if this will be a World Series winning move, but it should come to the fans delight that the front office clearly sees a need for change.

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  1. The Dodgers are not going to sign Judge. All they want to do is make Judge more expensive if the Giants want to sign him. There are more than enough guys in the Dodgers roster now with the ability to strike out 200 times a season. They don’t need any more of them!

  2. I don’t want Judge. I would prefer keeping Trea Turner. As far Kershaw, he can’t survive a complete season without stints on IL. While I love Justin Turner, it’s time to move on. The tank is empty.

  3. Ruth and “Garrett” Would that be Pat Garrett? Maybe the Dodgers should go for Billy the KId as well, Anyway, I’m not sure that spending so much time reacting to hot takes from talking heads is that helpful to your readers.

  4. Want a change.. get rid of that loser manger.. now there is one great start!!!!!

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