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Dodgers News: Fans Turn On Roberts, Betts on Shortstop, LA Loses a Starter and More

Look… we don’t have to talk about Friday’s game, right? The Dodgers once again couldn’t capitalize on an emotional win and get the win streak started, but at least we can still hang our hats on a big play from Mookie Betts and James Outman’s grand slam! In other news, a recent poll shows Dodgers fans really do not approve of what Dave Roberts is doing as the manager so far this season.

Whether that’s fair or not this early with so many injured to an already very new roster is up to you to decide.

Another thing fans very much decided via a poll is that they would like to see James Outman move up and take Mookie Betts’ leadoff spot in the lineup.

We know your schedule is probably jam-packed right now but never forget how important it is to save some room for your Boys in Blue!

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  1. LMAO.. I decided 2 yrars ago..Roberts has to go.. and now with upper managemeant big loser as he is.. we in dire trouble

  2. Mookie Betts is the Dodgers’ best option at shortstop. He should be the regular starting shortstop. His defense will be better than Rojas’ defense over time. They have plenty of outfielders. Better to have any of their outfielders hitting than Rojas. Chris Taylor needs to be benched.

  3. If MLB managers start listening to advice from fans, I quit baseball.
    There’s a reason fans spend money on baseball, and managers make money on baseball. If you’re a fan, and you think you know better how to manage a team than Dave Roberts, you’re a moron.

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