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Dodgers News: Friedman Talks Joc Pederson Departure, Corey Seager’s Future at SS, Help on the Way, and More!

It was another week full of disappointment for Dodgers fans as the team continues to struggle with scoring runs. They put up a ton of runs a few times in the last couple of weeks but just cannot seem to spread them out. Let’s dive into some of the news from around the team this week! 

The Dodgers lost out of Enrique Hernandez and Joc Pederson this offseason, and fans were split on it. President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman recently revealed some of the details behind them leaving in free agency.

Dodgers: Friedman Sheds Some Light on the Joc Pederson and Kiké Hernandez Departures

Corey Seager has fans wondering how long he can play shortstop in his career. Many believe that the team needs to look at transitioning him to a corner infield position sooner rather than later after a tough week. 

Dodgers: MLB Expert Questions Corey Seager as a Long-Term Shortstop

Despite everything working against the Dodgers, Andrew Friedman remains hopeful. The possible additions of a few guys out due to health makes him feel like they are right on the verge of turning things around. 

Dodgers Remain Encouraged With Help on the Way

In MLB news, you’ve got to read this segment on the Houston Astros. Apparently, the cheating Stros are tired of fans being too mean when they go on the road, and they let the league know. 

MLB News: Houston Astros Allegedly Complained to the League About Fan Taunting

Dave Roberts didn’t earn any points with fans this week when he became upset with the Angels bunting down 13 runs. Doc blasted the decision after their win Saturday, and fans did not receive it well.

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Took Issue With the Angels Bunting Down 13 Runs

Speaking of Corey Seager, fans in Los Angeles aren’t the only ones questioning how long he will be able to play at shortstop. 

Dodgers: MLB Expert Questions Corey Seager as a Long-Term Shortstop

All of that news and more surrounding your Los Angeles Dodgers. Check back in weekly as we keep you updated on your favorite Los Angeles baseball team! 

Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Doesn’t Hold Back His Thoughts Following Another Disappointing Loss


  1. Let’s see: Roberts was upset with the Angels bunting when 13 runs down. They were just trying to get someone on base. If you use the shift, players should start trying to bunt towards third base. But really, Roberts should be upset with himself. Kershaw was pitching well and wanted to pitch the sixth inning (only 71 pitches to that point) but instead Roberts argued with Kershaw and brought in Santana. Heck, Santana couldn’t find the plate if he was standing on it. He averages one walk per inning. Good move Roberts, you continue to amaze.

  2. Anybody here believe if Pederson and Hernandez were still with the Dodgers, things would be different than their record now i.e. 18-17? Personally I don’t think so besides those players wanted more money. Mentally, Seager is already thinking of where he will be playing next season 2022.

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