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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Says The Bullseye on Their Backs is “Nothing New”

The Dodgers lost yet another series this past weekend against the Anaheim Angels. They haven’t won a series since the middle of April when they took two of three from the Padres in San Diego. Basically, everything has been going poorly.

But one of the bright spots has been Chris Taylor. The Dodgers utility-man is hitting .375 in the month of May and has reached base at an incredible clip. He also understands that the team needs to stay focused and continue to work on their at-bat quality,. 

Taylor also admitted that his offense has taken a step back recently. He’s well aware that he’s lacked power despite homering 4 times in April. 

My swing is not where it was a week or two ago. Haven’t really been driving the ball how I would like to. Despite that, just trying to continue to work through it.

Including Sunday, Taylor is hitting a respectable .286 over his last six games, but has just one extra-base hit. His last home run was on April 25th against the Padres. The Dodgers lost that game in extras. Taylor addressed the lack of consistency by the offense and offered a familiar refrain.

We just got to keep working through it and put our heads down. We’re too talented for it to not turn around.

Not including extra-inning games, the Dodgers have scored four or more runs just four times since April 18th. That is not what you’d expect from one of the best lineups in the majors. Taylor also balked at the notion that the Dodgers have been surprised by the opposing teams’ energy when playing the defending champs.

It’s nothing new to be honest. We’ve felt that the last couple years. I don’ think this year is any different. Teams are always going to play their best against us and we know that. We understand when we step out there everyday we have to play our best baseball.

The Dodgers’ next three opponents, Seattle, Arizona, and Miami, sport a combined winning percentage of .471. Seems like the perfect opportunity for Taylor and the Dodgers to win their first series in three weeks.

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  1. The “target on the back” scenario has always been a load of bunk. These are pros and to imply that because you won last year the other teams are suddenly trying harder doesn’t make sense. For the past three weeks the other teams have not been “playing harder” than they did last year. The Dodgers have simply been playing worse.

  2. “One of the best Lineups in the majors?” Who says? Man, that kind of baloney frustrates me.

  3. Dave Roberts is hoping and praying this turns around on its own because he has no clue what else to do. 5 to 10 game cold spells during the season are not a unusual thing, but Dave has waited way too long to put a spark into this teaming now it is a 20 game slump. I am sorry but every time i see that big hole down the 3rd base line when a team puts on the shift against the Dodgers I laugh knowing that they will not even attempt to Bunt, hit a punch and judy shot or even attempt to hit to the hole. Do they not teach major league players anymore how to hit a baseball. This is little league stuff, Bunt to move a man over, hit and run, run and hit , steal a base get in scoring position. So please do not say we are to good of a team to not get out of this. If you were that good you would do anything to win.

  4. Pretty soon, the Dodgers will have a below 500 record too. What was once thought to be an exciting season, is now a very depressing season.

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