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Dodgers News: Gavin Lux and Matt Beaty Optioned to Triple-A

The Dodgers and Padres are likely both going to need a few reinforcements for tonight’s game. Following a 16-inning marathon game in which the 2 teams combined to use 19 pitchers, Los Angeles had to make a few moves to add arms into the mix. 

The Dodgers already activated Mookie Betts before the game, but they weren’t done there. They also recalled LHP Darien Nunez to be available out of the bullpen tonight behind Max Scherzer on Thursday. Nunez last appeared in a game with Los Angeles on August 15th i New York. 

The hope is that Scherzer can pitch most of the game and give the Dodgers bullpen a break. Guys like Blake Treinen and Kenley Jansen are not expected to be available for Dave Roberts against the San Diego lineup tonight. 

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In addition to Nunez, the Dodgers also activated Mookie Betts off of the IL in the same move. Betts had been out since early August with a hip issue that has been lingering for most of the year. But the surprising part was the corresponding moves. 

In order to make room on the active roster, the Dodgers optioned both Gavin Lux and Matt Beaty to Triple-A. With the roster crunch and the need for arms tonight, there weren’t many directions that Roberts and the front office could go. In his pregame press call, Doc mentioned several times that both guys were the victim of having option years during a roster crunch. 

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  1. The Front Office and Robert’s sent the wrong person down ! By sending Beatty down and keeping Bellinger up , Beatty at least made contact most of the time , his average is much better than Bellinger , his defense is not as good as Bellinger , but scoring runs by advancing the runner , by making contact most of the time is much better than two to three strikeouts a game and low contact hitter ,in which Bellinger has become , is what Bellinger does continuously , killing a potential or possible rally , they need to send him down , get him fixed to work on his timing and mechanics , but by keeping him up in just not right ! Get it RIGHT FRONT OFFICE and ROBERTS !!!!!! THINK !!!!!!

    1. Bellinger doesn’t have a player option in his contract. He can’t be sent down. He can go on the IL and that’s it.

    2. Geez guys, take it easy on Belli. He’s struggling, but he still brings a lot to the table without the bat. Watch him hit a clutch dinner in the playoffs and become everyone’s hero again.

      I prefer Beaty over McKinney at this juncture, but Beaty still has options and McKinney dont.

  2. Rosters can expand to 28 on Sept. 1 Beaty will be back soon enough. I dont5see Nunez being around for long. But does Bellinger have options left? IDK. But he does need a re-set AND A HAIRCUT! However, for tonight’s game against the Rockies, he sits as Roberts said and mainly because Dodgers are facing a LHP.

    1. Paul, I wouldn’t count on it but I hope you are right. I really thought Bellinger wouldn’t be in the lineup against Snell but he was. With Muncy back in today due to needing a spa day yesterday I bet Pollock will be the odd man out if Bellinger starts. 22 strikeouts in 77 at bats for the month of aug. Pathetic. Maybe the moron manager will place Cody in the cleanup spot again. Cody seems to be moving up in the lineup every day.

      1. If #35 is in starting lineup tonight and the hottest hitter in baseball sits on the bench, there’s something wrong in LA. I’m then suggesting the team move back to Brooklyn and leave the manager on the West Coast.

    2. Let Bellinger continue to play because he is an ELITE outfielder–the hitting, pray God, will come around. And, keep the hair–buzz cuts and ‘high & tight’ are for the military and cops.

  3. I think Bellinger needs some huge overhaul on his swing . He should be a super player . Perhaps he has not recovered well from shoulder surgery so give him one more year . Beaty is steady but Lux is a mess . Needs his head cleared.

  4. Should have tried to move Bellinger and Lux before the deadline and got what we needed. A real RH bat and a real closer!

    1. Mitch White pitched Tuesday for Rancho Cucamonga. So he won’t be ready again until Sunday, at the earliest.

  5. Beaty needs to be on this roster period. I’d put Beaty even in front of Mckinney..Beaty can play 1st as well. He’s been the most consistent player off the bench all year, even more than Pujols. Bellinger needs to be sent down agreed, and Lux needs to stay down.

    1. Beaty can hit, that’s not the issue, it’s the defense. His negative Dwar is pretty big. Mckinney is an above average defensive replacement player, so the move makes sense from a roster needs perspective. It will be interesting though what they do w/ Bellinger because he could in effect be the late inning defensive player going forward, and in that case, they’ll want another bat off the bench.

  6. Called it!!! despite the rest of you calling for Belli to be sent down, I said it would be Lux and Beatty. Their D is not great, and Beatty will be back in the September call-ups to 28 players. Will miss his bat a little, but with Betts return, we are stacked. What a bench we had last night led by CT3 and Muncy!

    I told you guys he’s been swinging this way since he was a little kid, and with success at every level, no one got him to change his approach. This offseason will be the time to retool it 100%. So Belli isn’t going anywhere; remains on the team for Defense and bat against RH pitchers. Assume CT3 will sub in CF as needed

  7. I’ve seen Beaty make 1 bad play all season. Bellinger the same…..Mckinney is pretty good but I just don’t see how Beaty is more of a liability than a asset…He out hits both of them and the runs he contributes far exceeds what he costs…

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