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Dodgers News | Rumors: Team Introduces Dave Roberts, Sox Land Price And More

As Tuesday wears on, one dream that Dodgers fans has been crushed as David Price has decided to sign elsewhere. But there are other things happening too, including an update on Zack Greinke’s free agency.

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  • Former Royals beat writer Andy McCullough will be covering the Dodgers this year for the ‘Times. [LA Times]
  • Experience is not exactly necessary for Dodgers’ manager. [LA Times]
  • Dustin Nosler also thinks Dave Roberts did well in his press conference. [Dodgers Digest]
  • Unfortunately Dodgers legend Don Newcombe passed out during the press conference and had to be taken to the hospital. Hopefully he’s alright. [NBCLA]

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  • Here were some of the biggest takeaways from Dave Roberts’ press conference. [Bleacher Report]
  • The Dodgers will pay a record-high $43.7 million in luxury tax. [USA Today]
  • Unsurprisingly, the Dodgers are one of five teams that “most need to sign Zack Greinke.” [Fox Sports]
  • Greinke is expected to sign with either the Dodgers or Giants by the end of the week. [Twitter]
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