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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Option Declined for 2023 Season

It seemed written in the cards that Justin Turner‘s option would be declined for the upcoming season, but it doesn’t rule out bringing Turner back for a cheaper contract. Turner was slated to make $16 million on his option but instead will play on something cheaper for the Dodgers or play for a different team.

This comes as no surprise but the Dodgers front office has been very vocal about bringing Turner back for at least another season. Turner provided an extra boost to the middle of the batting order and shows evidence that he still has something left in the tank for a championship aspired team.

However, this also doesn’t rule out the idea for Turner to play for a different team. In fact, Turner has also been open of going back and playing for the Mets once again, an organization that brought his career into fruition.

Nonetheless, the main goal for the Dodgers is to bring Turner back on a cheaper deal in hopes of also saving enough money to re-sign Trea Turner or bring in a guy like Aaron Judge. It was only two seasons ago that Turner made it to his second All-Star game, both of which he made while playing with the Dodgers.

Turner may look for his second championship with the Dodgers, but if another team offers him more money it might be hard for Turner to turn it down at 37 years old.

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  1. “…in hopes of also saving enough money to re-sign Trea Turner or bring in a guy like Aaron Judge.” I don’t think the $16M is gonna make much of a dent in either one of those contracts.

    1. It is not personal, professional sports is big business. I’am quite sure it was discussed extensively between both parties to be a win-win situation. JT’s athletic skills have diminished, his playing durability have regressed, and clubhouse leadership needs more energy and impactful performance. His community service is great but it is not about the Dodgers but his own foundation. If he is a true Dodger, he understands that this is how the team needs to get better to move forward.

  2. I like JT and hope he’s back, but I understand both sides, I mean this is a business after all. Turner shouldn’t need the money, I mean he has reported made just over 100M playing this game, and seems like a bright guy who probably hasn’t blown it all. But there is ego too and who knows what kind of an offer might be made to him. His numbers, except for HR, were really very similar to the year before, but he’s been a ways off .300 BA where he was for a while. I do hope he’s back, but if he’s not I hope he does well where ever he might sign.

  3. An organization like the Dodgers clearly would know and appreciate his value in the clubhouse, to the community and his likely contribution to getting the team to the postseason. No way this has anything to do with signing another player. Probably it’s about creating an incentives oriented deal and chipping away at the luxury tax amount. And…of course Justin is informed and amenable.

  4. I hope he re-signs with us. Hopefully he can work this into a second year with a couple mil less per year.

  5. After watching Turner in the playoff’s the last couple years , he shouldn’t be offered anything more than 6 mill a year. The Dodgers need young blood to come in and actually contribute when the entire season is on the line. Jt popped out numerous times, and hit weak flies with numerous runners in scoring position. He’s not in the shape he was and has lost his power. Father time doesn’t all of the sudden just find the fountain of youth. Unlesshe willing to pull a Bonds.

  6. Justin Turner is a Dodger and he needs to stay with the team. He seems to be a leader and everyone comes to him for advise Please offer him a good contract.

  7. That’s WRONG! LA needs to stop throwing away players especially the caliber of JT!

  8. The Dodgers have already declined the option on JT ($16 million). If they non-tender Bellinger ($17 million) and don’t re-sign Gallo, Price and Alberto ($22 million) plus the $21 million they paid Trea Turner last year they have plenty of money to go after both Turner and Judge. That also opens the door to bring JT back for another year and bring up kids like Vargas and Outman.

  9. I have always said loyalty is a one way street .As far as the Dodgers are concerned this began when they DIDN’T sign Steve Garvey .

  10. We had the best offense in the majors last year. Why do we need Aaron Judge??? We have lost Buehler and Treinen for next year. We need to concentrate on keeping Trea Turner and getting some good pitching. Forget Judge and use the money to get some good pitchers.

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