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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Still Not Feeling Great in Spring Training

The surge of rumors regarding Bryce Harper possibly signing with the Dodgers hasn’t overshadowed Clayton Kershaw this Spring Training.

After reports of the 30-year-old not “feeling great” follow two bullpen sessions and a live BP session last week, Kershaw did not participate in workouts.

Yesterday during Spring Training workouts at Camelback Ranch, Kershaw reiterated the same concern after playing catch.

Although the shoulder issue has created some concerns outside the clubhouse, it isn’t significant enough for the Dodgers to schedule an MRI for the left-hander.

As of the third Spring Training game, where the Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs 11-2, Kershaw is still scheduled to be the Opening Day starter.

However, with the flat, abbreviated throwing session on Monday, the plan is being adjusted.

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The shoulder discomfort comes the season after Kershaw was diagnosed with bicep tendonitis and continued to be the victim of lower back discomfort. Last season, Kershaw’s fastball velocity took a deep hit. Since the start of his career, Kershaw was never seen as a flamethrower but the movement of his curveball and slider made him one of the most dominant pitchers in the game.

Before 2018, Kershaw’s fastball was sitting in the 93-94 MPH range. By last October, his fastball was registering at 90 MPH, which was only two miles faster than his slider. His slow fastball was an issue out of the gates with starting the season at 91 MPH. With only one mile differentiating his off-speed pitches from his fastball, the three-time Cy Young winner gave up 17 home runs.

Kershaw is entering the first year of his newly signed three-year contract with the Dodgers for $93 million, with each year worth $31 million.

With a contract like that, there’s no reason to rush the ace back to the mound. The best saving grace of this is the timing — it’s still early enough in camp to shut him down and build him up enough for that ninth straight opening day start.

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  1. Dodgers not sending Kershaw for an MRI is strange, as if they are afraid of the answer. Or, is this just a scheme to justify starting CK on the Injured List at the start of the season to limit his innings. With starting pitchers Buehler, Hill, Ryu, Maeda, Stripling, Urias, Santana, and possibly Ferguson available there is more than enough starters to be ultra conservative with Kershaw.

    1. Socal, if he still has shoulder discomfort as reported after FOUR days of rest……..that is NOT good. If I’m paying him 30 million to play for my ball club, I’d put him in my limo and drive him to the imaging center myself!……….I just don’t understand this, why they are not having the shoulder scanned? AND Why aren’t the Dodger beat reporters asking this question?

          1. The Dodgers are likely withholding information from the masses. There’s probably a serious issue and he’ll be out a while

  2. The Dodger medical staff has underestimated injuries and their extent for several years so going forward, if they can acquire a SP that may be available that might be what may need to happen or just let someone within step up because it looks more and more that CK won’t be able to make his opening day start. In fact he might begin 2019 on the IL (DL)

    1. If itt appears that I agree with PaulDodgerFan1965 quite a bit, that is because I have come to respect his opinion. And I agree with him on this one. If we do get Bryce, we need to move an outfielder; I would then think seriously about obtaining another pitcher with prior experience who can stabilize
      the rotation. For Joc, we should get something of value. Tole is AWOL. CK and the absence of an MRI speaks volumes. If AF has the gumption to get Bryce, than let us go all the way. The Rox pulled off a major resigning today for Arenado; our fans deserve as much from us. Lets go full tilt!!! Go Blue!!! Go PD Jr.!!!!!

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